Knicks: Hawkes winning streak in first meeting after Trey Young bows at MSG


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11/28/2021 –

TI have New York Knicks to conquer Atlanta Hawks break your 7-game winning streak in your first encounter with Bring youth bowed Madison park during the first round of last year’s playoffs. Julius Randle fought the whole game but Alec Burks and Evan Fournier scored 23 and 20 points, respectively, to win.

The cam is reddish left the floor early with a sprained left wrist and Bogdan bogdanovich limped off court with an apparent injury to his right leg, leaving Atlanta uncrewed for most of the match. Bogdanovich’s injury seemed much more serious than Reddish’s, as he needed help getting to the locker room.

Nyx unharmed Kemba Walker and Derrick Rosebut Burks put the team on his back anyway. Burks scored 4 of 7 shots out of three with 15 points in the third quarter.

Young put on a show all night in front of his fans in State farm Arena, goes 10-22 from the field with 5 threes of 10 shots from beyond the arc. Clint Capela scored 16 on 21 rebounds and 3 blocks, but the Hawks failed to capitalize on the fourth quarter.

2 points in 4th behind Young

Hawkes went down 11 points in the last 12 minutes of the game. Young missed the first three minutes of the fourth quarter with 31 points and scored only two points in the last seconds of the game

Despite the fact that Young does not score on the segment, John Collins and Capela ignored the bill. Unfortunately for the Hawks, it wasn’t enough to keep them on a winning streak.

In the final minutes of the game, there was no energy on either side, but every time Randall leaves, 3-14 from the field for 8 points, the opponent should get the victory. This time it was not like that, and the Hawks head coach Nate Macmillan would surely like to launch this game back.

Both teams played the night before and the Knicks lost at home to the team. Phoenix Sunsand Atlanta wins Memphis Grizzlies without Jah Morant for most of the game. The hawks will now go to Indiana encounter a Pacers Wednesday, and Nyx will face rivals in the city, Brooklyn nets, on Tuesday.

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