Kings beat Lakers in triple OT, LeBron James missed 2 buzzers


TI have Los angeles lakers fell below 0.500 again after losing Sacramento Kings in triple overtime. Lebron james conceded the winner of the game at the end of regulation time and at the end of the first OT, two three-pointers, which he continued to force all night.

He only scored 2 of his 13 3-point attempts and was retired 10 of 25, leaving 30 points in 50 minutes actions. James gave 11 assists and lost only 3 rebounds to a Triple-Double, but what stands out the most from tonight is his two missed calls

Russell Westbrook had a triple-double with 29 points, but like most of what he’s shown this season, it wasn’t enough to win. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis returned to service after missing the last game due to an illness unrelated to Covid, and managed to record 4 blocks, 23 points and 8 rebounds in 50 minutes.

The omen of the triple OT

At the end of the first quarter, the score was 20, and the half-time score was 53-53. This game was dead end from the start, a two-way battle between one of the league’s oldest teams and a young core with a new leadership.

The Kings ultimately proved that the youth could beat a veteran team by using their stamina to outlast the Lakers and finally surpass them in their third and final extra time. Headed by Buddy Heald and De’Aaron FoxThe kings have reassured Staples center a total of 59 points.

Fox played 53 minutes and did 15 of his 32 shots to score 34 points, accompanied by 8 assists and 6 rebounds. Heald, who made only 3 of his 13 3-point attempts, helped his team off the bench with 25 points, keeping the Kings alive in the first two extra sessions as James and company couldn’t get them out.

After missing countless shots from beyond the arc, James finally began riding the hoop in the first and second overtimes, making several way to the line to maintain Los Angeles’ lead. Westbrook hit the line too, but missed when it was most

In the final overtime, Sacramento extended the distance on the scoreboard, but Carmelo Anthony’s triple hit kept hope alive and the Lakers were down 6 points with less than a minute left. Nadezhda died 5 seconds before the game, as the referees called foul on the free track against the Lakers

The Lakers last played triple overtime in March 2011 against Phoenix Suns

Reunion of Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James

After playing 50 minutes with a bitter defeat, it is likely that James could miss Sunday’s game against the Detroit Pistons. Seeing the reunion of the king with young angry bull Isaiah Stewart it was a sight that NBA fans wanted to witness.

Kings get another win without Luke Walton as their head coach and now have a record of 8-12. The Lakers will try to repeat their victory over Detroit, with or without James.

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