King Felipe VI and Carlos III: the secrets behind their meeting


Carlos III and Felipe VI They have met for the first time since Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son became head of state last September. Despite the fact that the British monarch has already received King Felipe and Queen Letizia in the framework of the acts on the occasion of the funerals of Isabel II, he had not met with Felipe VI in private since then.

The Kings Felipe VI and Carlos III in London.

The visit of King of Spain It has been brief, taking advantage of an act that Don Felipe had in London this Monday. A meeting that, in principle, was not announced on the agenda of the House of HM the King and that took place in the middle of the afternoon, around 5:00 p.m., at the traditional tea time. It has been in the still residence of the monarch, Clarence House, which is located a few meters from Buckingham Palace. Despite the fact that Carlos III is expected to move to the official home of the monarch in London, for the moment no details have been disclosed as to when this move could take place, it seems that the current head of state feels comfortable in his current residence and is in no hurry to organize the move.

The meeting was held in the same room in which in 2017 the meeting between the then Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, with King Felipe and Queen Letizia, who were on a state trip, took place. in the United Kingdom. A room that the now monarch uses regularly for formal audiences, for example, like when he received, in 2019, the trump marriage.

Its about Morning Room and it is, perhaps, the best-known room in the residence. Although it is now used for different types of meetings, the truth is that, originally, it was conceived as a room for breakfast and between 1949 and 1952, the duke of edinburgh I used it as an office and study area. It is located opposite the Hall and was the favorite room of the Queen mother, to whom King Charles was especially attached. In fact, when he moved here, Elizabeth II’s eldest son included several of his grandmother’s personal items, including her Royal Anchor Chelsea china collection.

Also, in the room there are several portraits of previous residents of Clarence House. One of these, perhaps the most important, is a small portrait on the mantelpiece showing the Queen Mother in 1908. Over the years, this room has been used as a setting for official posing, such as the 65th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philipor the christening of Prince George.

King Philip
Portrait of King Carlos with his eldest grandson.

But, beyond the historical elements, the room is loaded with personal details, such as photographs. In this meeting between the two kings, the new British monarch wanted to highlight the dynastic line through images. To the left of the room, a photograph of Queen Elizabeth with her sister, princess margaret in his childhood, and on the right, a portrait of himself with his eldest grandson, Prince George, future king after his father, Prince William, the only one to be missed in the view that has been distributed of this important meeting.


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