King Felipe VI and Angela Merkel: Yuste’s laughter and complicity

After presiding over the act to celebrate the founding of the nation National holiday On October 12, King Felipe has been restoring his institutional agenda these days. Yesterday, His Majesty the King attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition “2328 Reales de Vellón: Goya and the Origin of the Spanish Bank Collection” in the morning, and attended the opening ceremony in the afternoon. Royal Academy’s academic programs. Today, the head of state has moved to the town Cuacos de Yuste, Where he presented the “Carlos V European Prize” to the European Parliament Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany In recognition of his long political career serving Europe, as The strongest defender of the European integration process and the important strategic role of Europe on the international stage.

It is an award awarded by the country Euste Foundation Europe and Ibero-American Academy. Merkel became the third to win Carlos after Simone Weir, the former president of the European Parliament (won the Carlos V European Prize in 2008) and Sofia Corradi, the initiator of the Erasmus project. Women of the V European Prize. Won the award in 2016. In addition, this is the second time the award has been awarded to the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany after Helmut Kohl in 2006.

The King with Angela Merkel and President Pedro Sánchez / Gtres

In addition to the king, different people from political circles participated in this event, such as the leader of the opposition, President Pedro Sanchez Pablo Casado, President of Extremadura or President of the Supreme Court Carlos Lesmes (Carlos Lesmes).During the performance, someone saw Felipe VI Sharing laughter and complicity with Angela MerkelIn his words, he praised his contribution to European progress.

King Philip
The King and Angela Merkel / Gtres collude

This incident meant that Angela Merkel was fired after serving as head of government for 16 years. The prime minister did not appear in the last German election, and he will soon testify to future leaders from the ongoing negotiations of the country’s main political parties. The German lady emphasized her confidence in the European project in her speech: “Europe is fortunate for all of us: we can and must retain and continue to design wealth. The EU is peace that comes from cooperation, respect and tolerance Symbol of freedom, freedom and well-being,” he promised. Although he insists that it is important to make decisions that affect the EU faster and more effectively: “We must act and make joint decisions faster than in the past. We must also be able to act in unity. Even in times of economic prosperity. Make financial forecasts and prepare for future crises,” he emphasized.

As far as Philip VI is concerned, he emphasized the importance of Angela Merkel’s role in recent years: “This personal leadership of the past 16 years will be recorded in history, and the capital letters of the European Union and the international order will be recorded in history. Few people can better represent the spirit of European unity,” he promised.

Together with the “Carlos V European Prize”, The foundation announces ten European research research and mobility grants for researchers across Europe Who is preparing a doctoral dissertation in any discipline of humanities and social sciences. The scholarship is related to the figure of the recipient, so the research topic is adapted to the recipient’s curriculum. The grant has three goals: to support the development of research on European issues; to establish a network of experts and researchers in the European field and to promote the mobility of their participation in conferences.

Since 1995, the Yuste Foundation of the European and Ibero-American Academy of Sciences has awarded the “Carlos V European Prize” to recognize those who have contributed to European cultural, social, scientific and historical values ​​through their efforts and dedication in general knowledge And enhancement, and the process of European construction and integration.

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