King Felipe and Letizia squandered tenderly as Leonor’s substitute


The king’s new joint agenda.After attending the delivery on Tuesday Francisco Cerrecedo Journalism AwardToday, Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia went to Pontevedra to present the 2020 School Award from the Princess Girona Foundation to CRA Mestra Clara Torres. A center recognized as a model of rural environmental vitalization, six classrooms are divided into different parishes of the municipal government, and stand out for their commitment to the integration of the teaching of the value of solidarity and the ability to transform education.

During the visit, Don Felipe Visited different classrooms with Mrs. Letizia, where they were able to see some of the projects in the center, such as the robot workshop, which is conducive to the creation of STEM skills; the creative library for children to learn sign language; used to make flour Or landras workshops for making musical instruments to restore the traditional culture of the area; or show cooking, so that children can learn about local food and acquire horizontal skills. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have always been very concerned about children and are committed to their attention and affectionate attitude.

King Felipe takes the children / Gtres

The whole visit process was also rebroadcasted by the center’s education radio station, and received strong support from the center. City Radio de Tui, a practice that promotes language and skills learning, such as teamwork or storytelling skills.

For this commitment, Queen I chose a working style and soft tones to fight the first cold of autumn.Doña Letizia chose the company’s tailor-made trouser suit Hugo Boss light pink It premiered two years ago, in December 2019. He combined it with a basic T-shirt of the same tone to create a completely monochromatic appearance. As an accessory, she wore patent leather high heels and wide heels from this German company. Her inseparable gold ring designed by Karen Hallam and hoop earrings imitating the shape of bamboo from unknown origin are more eye-catching due to the high ponytail. Collected your hair.

The Kings are very concerned about kids / Gtres

Although Leonor has been spending school holidays in Spain since last week, and this behavior is part of the commitment of the Princess Girona Foundation, which she chairs, this time, the princess did not accompany his parents.The heiress came back from Wales just to take part in the delivery Princess of Asturias Foundation Award Last weekend, and plan to stay in Spain for a few more days.

As far as the Queen is concerned, it will end its institutional agenda through events held in Tudela City before launching new events. Cooperation trip, This time, to Paraguay.

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