King Charles III allowed Prince Harry to wear a military uniform to the vigil of Queen Elizabeth II.


The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is approaching and right now her coffin is available for visitors to say goodbye to her for the last time after her death, and on Saturday evening, her eight grandchildren stood for a 15-minute guard of honor at the Palace of Westminster.including Prince Harry in military uniform.

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Prince Harry received permission from King Charles III

To be able to wear your military uniform during the vigil of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry had to get special permission from King Charles III..

it required due to the fact that Harry stepped down from his royal duties in 2020, for which he was stripped of honorary military ranks.therefore, it was forbidden to use his form again.

Prince Harry joins the guard of honoralong with his brother Prince William, next in line to the throne and the other six grandchildren of the Queen.

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It’s still It is unclear whether Prince Harry will be allowed to wear a military uniform at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. on Monday.

Prince Andrei also received permission

Four children of Queen Elizabeth II are on duty at her coffin in Westminster Hall.

King Charles III also gave permission on Friday so that his disgraced brother Prince Andrei wore his military uniform during their dead mother’s vigil at Westminster Hall.

Prince Andrew has been excluded from the public life of the royal family. after he defended his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein by showing no sympathy for his victims.


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