King Carlos III defies one of the greatest wishes of the Queen and Prince Felipe


When Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, died in April 2021, the debate on the future of the title of Duke of Edinburgh was opened. At that time there were not many options in this regard, since the title had to be created again and, also, according to what had transpired to date, the desire of the Queen Isabel and her husband’s was that this title should go to her youngest son, the prince edward. With the death of Felipe, this title passed to his eldest son, that is, to King Carlos today, who has the power to decide whether to create this title again to grant it to his younger brother.

Prince Edward in the company of Queen Elizabeth. /Gtres

At his wedding with Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999, Prince Edward was given a lesser title, Earl of Wessex. On the one hand, because he himself requested this title in question -because he really liked the character played by Colin Firth in the film Shakespeare in love who bore this title – and, on the other, because he expected to receive the dukedom of Edinburgh on the death of his father.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth last September, her eldest son, Carlos, became the new head of state and, although he has not yet been crowned, he has been formally proclaimed. It is no secret that the new monarch wants a more efficient and reduced Royal Family, which means fewer titles and fewer de iure and de facto members of ‘The Firm’.

king charles
King Charles at an official act in London. /Gtres

While in his first speech as King he immediately declared that his son William would be Prince of Wales – it must be remembered that the title of duke of cornwall is inherited automatically by the heir, but that the title of Prince of Wales is in the hands of the King, who decides when to grant it to his heir-, he did not speak of other issues, such as the possible titles of the sons of the Dukes of Sussex, or as far as the Dukedom of Edinburgh is concerned. Nor, by the way, has he made any mention of the withdrawal of the doubtful from York to Prince Andrew or from the dukedom of Sussex to his youngest son.

Prince Edward with the Queen and Prince Philip. /Gtres

However, no one doubts that the changes in this regard are something that is on the monarch’s mind, so it is more than likely that the King will not create the Dukedom of Edinburgh again to bestow it on his younger brother: “The King wants to reduce the monarchy, so there would be no point in making the Earl of Wessex the Duke of Edinburgh. It is a hereditary title that would later pass to his son, James, Viscount Severn.”a source close to the sovereign has assured the tabloid Daily Mail.

Queen Elizabeth with the Earls of Wessex. /Gtres

An attitude that contradicts official statements from 1999, when Buckingham Palace made sure that Eduardo would receive the dukedom of Edinburgh: “The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales have also agreed that Prince Edward should receive the Duchy of Edinburgh in due time, when the title returns to the Crown”. At the time, Eduardo himself told the BBC that everything would depend on his brother, although he assured that it would be a huge challenge for him to assume that legacy. For now, from Buckingham Palace they have not ruled on this issue, neither in one sense nor in another, although the truth is that the last steps of King Carlos have gone online to promote the role of both his sister, the princess anne Like the Earl of Wessex. One of lime and one of sand.


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