Kindle Scribe review: design, features, battery life and more


The Kindle Scribe returns to the big screen Kindles, complete with a pen. We wish the pen would be more useful and have more writing features.

The Scribe is still an excellent Kindle e-reader, though, which means you get great battery life, a crisp, bright screen, and full access to your Kindle library of Audible books and audiobooks.

Kindle Scribe Design


Due to the all-metal chassis, Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is a much larger version of the Kindle Oasis.

The Kindle Scribe features rounded sides, beautifully curved edges, and a wide, flat back with four small nubs for the feet. If you hold the tablet with the Amazon smiley, it has a bezel all around with a larger border on the left side.

You can flip the Scribe over and grab the larger edge with your right hand.

The included pen is held in place by a magnet on the opposite side corner of the Scribe. Unfortunately, when you slide a tablet in and out of a backpack sleeve, even the strongest rare-earth magnets can’t hold a pen in place. So, that’s a disappointment.

On the other hand, the Kindle packs a bright LED-backlit display that can be switched between a bluish-gray tint and an unlit blue tint that’s preferable for nighttime reading. Even for such a large tablet, the Kindle is quite pleasant to hold and use for reading.

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Kindle Scribe Price and Availability

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The Scribe, at $339 (or more if you go for a better pen and cover), is Amazon’s biggest and most expensive Kindle in years. However, if you go for the 16GB Kindle Scribe with the basic stylus, you get good performance.

Kindle Scribe writing experience

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Kindle Scribe Notebooks give you the space and tools you need to write and draw whatever you want.

Each notebook can use one of 18 templates, including but not limited to blank pages, ruled columns, tables, ruled lines, and agenda pages. Also, notebooks can have multiple pages and be organized in different folders if necessary.

Although writing with the hard plastic stylus on a matte screen doesn’t feel like writing on paper, it’s still possible to be precise, and there’s no delay between putting the stylus on the screen and seeing a mark appear.

On a black scribbled space, you won’t get great eraser marks. But then again, the Scribe is designed to be a notepad rather than a genuine artist’s notepad, so precision with subtractive drawing isn’t a must-have feature.

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Kindle Scribe reading experience

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the edge

If you’ve used any other Kindle, the reading experience is just what you’d expect. Text is bright, and the temperature-adjustable front light lets you adjust the view to your preferences.

Additionally, the 16 grayscales provide a wide range from light to dark to allow viewing of visual material such as comics. But of course any color information in full color comics will be lost on the grayscale screen.

Until color e-ink becomes viable, the only way to read material in full color is on a tablet like the iPad. By contrast, monochrome or black and white comics and novels appear as they should.

Everything revolves around the Kindle store. You can buy books directly from Amazon, use your Amazon Prime membership to access a local eBook library with Prime Reading, or discover a better variety with a $9.99/month Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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Kindle Scribe Battery Life

According to Amazon, Scribe can last up to 12 weeks when reading for 30 minutes a day, turning off Wi-Fi and setting the front light to 13 (out of 20), or three weeks while typing for 30 minutes a day. under the same configuration.

final thoughts

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is a fantastic big-screen eBook reader and note-taking device, but it’s not a sketchpad. The e-ink tablet is great for reading and writing, but lacks sharing and editing tools.


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