Kind Teacher Gives “Hot Dog” Ulam to Student Eating “Yours” for Lunch


Kind teacher wins praise for giving her “hot dog” Ulam to a student who eats “yours” for lunch

A kind professor goes viral and earns praise online after giving her ulam “hot dog” to a student who eats “yours” for lunch.

In both public and private schools, teachers they are used to instruct young students in academic subjects. They had a responsibility to help students gain wisdom, skill, or virtue so that they could become better people in the future.

Teachers serve as second parents for students within the walls of the school. The younger students were to be cared for and supported by them. Teachers also help students become responsible citizens.

The “Berlay” Facebook page has shared video footage of a teacher giving her ulam “hot dog” to a student who eats “yours” for lunch. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video you can see that the teacher is having a conversation with one of her students during lunch. The teacher is about to prepare for lunch when she discovers the food of her student.

Teacher Berlay said that her student did not eat his food because of his ‘yours’ ulam. It was a perfect moment because she bought another lunch from the canteen and asked her student for an exchange.

The educator exchanged two pieces of hot dog for ‘yours’, which makes the child happy. The school employee even described the dried fish as delicious ulam, and some students agreed with his statement.

The video has a subtitle:

Maulaw siya kay bulad iya sud-an so nag exchange mi kay ulit man ko og bulad

Social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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