Kim Kardashian’s Roblox storyline isn’t fake, but could prove she’s bad at parenting


Dduring the season premiere Kardashian on the Hulu, Kim Kardashiansix year old son Saint Westallegedly found the game on Roblox — an online gaming platform and game creation system — an advertisement for his mother’s new sex video.

In this episode, Saint approaches Kim K laughing at her “crying face” game and she quickly goes to her sister Chloe to see if she can better explain what’s going on. Saint corrects his mother when she says it’s a character from Roblox, telling her it’s a game made by someone on the platform.

When you click on the game, supposedly ads pop up new sexy tape Kim K s Ray J.. Then Kim calls her Marketing director to inform her that her lawyer must remove the game from the platform.

She also kept calling Kanye West on the phone when she starts to cry like Chloe trying to comfort her. Apparently, Kanye said some encouraging words to Kim that eased her anxiety, but this is just the beginning of the story, and one Reddit user is now claiming the storyline must be fake for several reasons.

Kim Kardashian is a bad mother?

“Roblox has validation processes when it comes to assets of all kinds, including text, how the word ‘s*xtape’ can bypass the filter,” they wrote. Redditor u/soundsonz. “The only way Saint could have seen the game with bypassed content was if he didn’t have an age-restricted account.”

Redditor goes on to say that if Saint didn’t have an age-restricted account, it would be Kim’s parent account.neglect“It was a real problem. The Reddit user seems to have hit the nail on the head, especially after Kim told Kanye over the phone.”Thank God I [Saint] until I can read.”

Her current ex-husband Kanye backs up the claim that Kim Kay isn’t the best at raising kids, urging her on a new song.EasyIn the song, Kanye says that Kim uses nannies and cameras to help her raise her kids.

“I fell in love with nannies, but a real family is better / Cameras watching childrenstop taking all the credit for yourself,” Kanye says on the track.

When it comes to fans saying that the storyline was faked because of her crocodile tears in the clip, those who know the show and Kim Kay know that her crying face always seems like a game, even though it isn’t. Plus, you don’t have to be a body language expert to see Kim’s mother. Chris worries about her daughter, comforting herself while Kim talks to Kanye.

To sum up this story, it’s safe to say that Saint was probably on a Roblox account without any age restrictions, playing on a platform his mother is clearly unfamiliar with. So the storyline wasn’t rigged, but the deeper problem is that Kim’s fame is getting in the way of properly raising her four children.


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