Kim Kardashian shows her support for Britney Griner in a social media post.


Kim Kardashian is a supporter #FreeBritneyGrainer movements, as she wrote on her Instagram stories a couple of hours ago.

In the post, we see a print screen of Amy Schumer’s IG post where she asks her fellow celebrities to “make some noise” by saying that the situation the WNBA player in Russia is in is not okay.

Also in the post, we can see a photo of Griner when she appeared before the Russian court.

What is Britney Griner accused of?

She is being tried on drug possession charges after Russian authorities found cartridges of cannabis oil in her luggage. Moscow airporta felony for which she can receive up to 10 years in prison.

Her detention has been extended four times and her supporters are calling on the US government to intervene, they think. Russia can use WNBA star as a political pawn in these tense times of bilateral relations.

White House and Joe Biden in the know

Karine Jean PierreA White House press secretary told the media on Tuesday that President Biden had read the letter Griner sent him, but would not reveal any details as to what the reaction was.

She went on to say that the President Joe Biden wants to bring Griner and the other Americans home.


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