Kim Kardashian showed how her figure has changed after switching to a new diet.


Kim Kardashian showed results after passing Diet after the Met Gala.

Kim K uploaded a picture of what she looks like noticeably slimmer and even with less fat.

In the last few months Kim Kardashian lost a significant amount fat percentage.

According to the influencer and businesswoman, a special diet helped her lose weight. body fat during a year.

In May, Kardashian started a diet to reduce nearly 5% of her body fat, as she describes.

Kim Kardashian and her diet and plan

“Look Who Stopped” Kardashian captioned the picture. pickup truck Bodyspec in his story in Instagram.

In the post, she explained how the systems “measure bone density and body fat percentage and all the other useful stuff to make sure I’m fit and healthy.”

Before and after kin kardashian

Kim Kardashian compared and contrasted the amount of fat retained by her body over the past year.

Her results show that her fat deposits have been significantly reduced over the past months.

Kim Kay showed off her accomplishments on social media.

“A year ago, my body fat percentage was 25 percent, and now 18.8 percent,— explained 41-year-old Kardashian.

To prove her new figure, the businesswoman posted a photo of her toned belly looking raw after a “painful” laser treatment that tightened the skin on her stomach.


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