Kim Kardashian Confirms She Was DTF With Pete Davidson After SNL Parody


Tor those who don’t know the term DTF that Kim Kardashian just used to describe her relationship with Peter Davidson. It basically means “to the point of fucking”, which translates as a man or woman ready to have sexual intercourse with another person. When Kanye West complains about Pete Davidson wooing his woman and destroying his home, a misconception has been created about the comedian making the first move.

However, Kim Kardashian tired of all this drama Kanye West as a couple and he wanted to try something new. In the evening she arranged saturday night lifeshe did some comedy about Aladdin where she played Jazmine and Pete played the main character. They appear kissing on the magic carpet, and we all believe that this is where the romance began.

Boo during a recent episode Kardashian Last Thursday, Kim confessed to everything. Here’s how she described how it all happened, and NSFW’s reason for wanting to sleep with him: “So, that’s how it happened with Pete. SNLand then when we kissed on stage, it was just a vibe. And I thought, “Oh shit. Maybe I just need to try something different!

“But Pete doesn’t come to my afterparty – everyone was at my afterparty – [he] doesn’t give me the time of day, so a few days later I called the SNL producer and said, “Hey, do you have Pete’s number? And they’re like, “Yes.” I am writing to him. I didn’t even think: “My God, I will have a relationship with him.” I just thought “Heard about this BDE [big d— energy]I need to get out there, I need to kick my…’ I was just basically DTF [down to f—].”

Megan Fox didn’t believe Pete Davidson had a chance with Kim.

During the confession, Kim also revealed that Megan Fox called her directly to ask if this “affair” with Pete Davidson was real because he asked for her number. Initially, the actress told Pete that he had a better chance of success. Machine gun “Kelly” and she was torn to pieces by crocodiles, than he contacted Kim Kardashian.

She said, “After we got together and that was the deal, Megan Fox texted me and said, ‘Is this shit for real? ‘Cause he asked me for your number a few months ago and I’m like, “Dude, you got the best shot [of] me and MGK [Machine Gun Kelly] be eaten by crocodiles than you [do] ever getting her number. Never will, don’t ask us.”


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