Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson just broke up, how did they become a couple?


Kim Kardashian as well as Peter Davidson just confirmed they are breaking up after 9 months of dating. The news comes from an unnamed source who spoke to the media and there was confirmation from the couple’s people.

They chose not to see other people

The relationship started in November Peter still on the SNL list and stating that they were happy to see what good could come out of their relationship, “Pete told her he didn’t want to see anyone,” a person close to them said. “She tells some people that they’re not very serious, but she doesn’t date anyone else… She tries not to make it a big deal, but he really likes him.”

It all started on SNL

It all started when they kissed in a sketch of Aladdin and Jasmine depicted by both Peter Davidson as well as Kim Kardashianduring the sketch they kissed and later she

ke about it “It was a stage kiss, but it was still kind of cool,” she said on a podcast back in April. “It wasn’t some kind of super, crazy feeling.”


“A few days later, I was like, ‘Hmm, there’s some BDE action,'” she commented after, by the way, BDE stands for “Big D**k Energy.”

i missed the party

Right after the show ended, they had an after-party where Pete didn’t show up, to which she commented, “I thought about it later. I thought, “Damn, he’s the only person who didn’t show up.

They vacationed together and they, Pete, even hung out with their kids and everything seemed fine until the distance parted them.


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