Kim Jong-un oversees long-range cruise missile testing


SEOUL (EFE).- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a test of “long-range strategic cruise missiles” carried out the day before, according to state media reported today.

North Korea fired two such missiles on Wednesday that flew for “10,234 seconds in an oval pattern” and “clearly hit their targets in the East Sea (as the Sea of ​​Japan is called in the two Koreas). ) 2,000 kilometers away”. , according to the North KCNA news agency.

The North Korean leader said he was satisfied “with the high response capabilities of his nuclear combat forces”, which showed “his great preparation for a real war”, according to Pyongyang state media.

Image of the trajectory of a North Korean missile. EFE/Kimimasa Mayama

The test is a new warning sign

The test “is yet another clear and unequivocal warning signal to our enemies,” Kim said.

The launches were aimed at boosting the “effectiveness and combat power” of missiles deployed by the North Korean military for tactical nuclear weapons use and confirming the system’s operability, according to the regime’s agency.

South Korean military authorities did not give details of the time of the latest North Korean launch.

Kim Jong Un. EFE/Kimimasa Mayama

South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) detected the shots

According to local news outlet Yonhap, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) detected the shots, although unlike tests in previous days, they decided not to report them as they were non-ballistic missiles. and therefore did not violate United States UN Security Council Resolutions.

North Korea’s previous test took place last Sunday, a launch of two short-range ballistic missiles that marked the seventh such weapons test in two weeks.

North Korea’s round of tests are a measure of ‘self-defence’ against the United States, according to Pyongyang media after the previous test, and were amid joint maneuvers by Seoul, Washington and Tokyo in the waters off the Korean Peninsula.

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