Kiko Rivera, prizes and the door to meet his mother


Chico rivera After a tragic death and the storm caused by the reunion with my mother, happiness reappeared Miss Anna, Her grandmother. The reason why he is happy is nothing more than the recognition that his work received when he won the Radio Olé Best Digital Project Award.Awards won by son Isabel Pantoya He was very excited because, as he promised on stage, this was the first time in his career as an artist. Kiko brushed shoulders with artists such as Kiki Morente, Marina Carmona or Shaila Dúrcal at the event, and they won the In Memoriam Award dedicated to her mother.Therefore, Isabel Pantoja’s son explained at the end of the ceremony who he thought of when he received it: “I’m very happy. I’m glad that I remembered a lot of people this day, especially my grandmother. I will enjoy this day very much because This is the first prize they gave me, and he will definitely look at me from heaven. To my wife who accompanies me

Kiko Rivera attends the 2021 Radiolé Awards. /Gtres

Kiko Rivera is more talkative and sociable than the previous few days, meeting with the media in his best appearance, and even daring to talk about his inevitable relationship with the reporter he called “part of life”: “I look for my time out, Especially when you are away. But you are a part of my life, and I try to do my best, although sometimes my nervousness and impatience can be. I respect you very much, you are a part of my life.This is what touched me”. Apart from the good news and sharing with reporters that he intends to bury the axe with them, the hottest topic has become, how could it be otherwise, the protagonist of the interview Odd child After receiving the award. Rivera has always been with his inseparable wife. He emphasized the absence of his recently recovered mother: “My mother did not accompany me because she could not come, but I am still very happy. I am here with my friends and colleagues. Together, with the people who work with me”.

Kiko Rivera and her awards.  /Gtres
Kiko Rivera and her awards. /Gtres

A few words follow the harmonious tone that we have been participating in. Kiko continued to not speak to her a year later, although this time we can once again glimpse the greater distance between them: “I will like to make it clear that it is. There will definitely be A meeting, yes, we hope so”. That’s it. Although Kico Rivera seems to have regained his relationship with his mother in front of his cousin Annabel, he accused her of adding fuel to the war with his mother, but the truth is, in the words of Qizi , The face-to-face mother, have to wait indefinitely: “It won’t be this Monday. I don’t think that things must be done on time. Things in the palace are progressing slowly. By 2022 or 2023, I don’t know the situation will be very bad.” Is it really a trickery between them?We only recently found out due to a reporter’s investigation Paloma Garcia-PelayoKiko Rivera did not withdraw the lawsuit he filed against his uncle Agustín, nor did he intend to make concessions in this sense, no matter how many directions the current seemed to return.

That’s how it is. Although Kiko looks normal in her family life, the truth is that in this meeting with reporters, she showed that, first of all, she took a step back with her mother obviously, and secondly, yes. Her blockade stagnated, cousin Annabel: “I have no contact with any of them, either my mother or my cousin. Now I focus on my family and my children, and I don’t have time to do other things. Thing, but like everyone else. You have to focus your positive energy on one thing.” Since Anabel’s harsh accusations at Kiko penetrated deeply into the DJ, the week that Anabel spent with her aunt Isabel, it seems to have worked.

Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales in Seville.  /Gtres
Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales in Seville. /Gtres

Odd child Back to the beginning. In the worst period of the split with his mother, the artist focused on his family and work, focused on seeing the benefits of peace, and now his wife is even encouraged to be part of his work: “Irene is my latest video The star in the clip. For me, she agrees to appear in the video clip is a kind of pride, because who is better than my wife, so we will avoid nonsense in the future.” She seems unwilling to say to her husband for the church’ Yes, I love’: “I said about it on a Galician show yesterday. She doesn’t want to get married in church anymore. He doesn’t want it, he doesn’t like it.” Only time will tell us how Kiko’s open front is going forward, It now seems that we will have to continue to wait to learn about the new chapters.

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