Kiko Rivera (Kiko Rivera) returned to Seville after being interviewed by the bomb even more painful: “No one called me” Kiko Rivera (Kiko Rivera) returned to Seville, to his The interview gave a stern response

Chico rivera He is willing to seek peace in life at all costs. Translation of “Take off your shirt” Raise a veto against Telecinco and return to the collection Saturday Deluxe Room Put an end to speculation about their hard-hit family relationship once and for all.A war with several open fronts began in October 2020, when Kiko Rivera opens the gap With his mother for Cantora’s Poisoned Legacy.

Kiko Rivera arrives at Santa Justa station in Seville/Gtres

From that day to today, everything has changed. The death of Donna Anna, Isabel’s mother, the reunion of mother and son, and the dispute with Annabel at the wedding, resettling the protagonist of the division, put Qizi in a very bad situation. reason? Did not complete the reunion with his mother, and blamed all the sins on his sister and cousin. When he appeared again in front of Jorge Javier Vázquez, he did not want to ignore some things, such as: “Money is the only thing I can forgive my mother”, “My cousin and My grandmother who passed away recently had a party” or “My sister doesn’t care about my grandmother”, referring to her sister Isha’s passiveness after her grandmother’s death.

Kiko Rivera with blue sweatshirt / Telecinco

So things, This dj took his wife and daughter homeThere, he found the necessary refuge after releasing the ballast in front of public opinion. Kico repeated his words and responded to the media that he was waiting for him to arrive at the Santa Justa Avenue station. Rivera was concise, but his feelings were very clear. He said that he felt more calm and relaxed after learning about his version of the event. “I’m fine” the artist emphasized while pushing the suitcase onto the car. What he is not sure about is the impact of his words on future events. He said that he did not know whether this video conference marked the beginning and end of his family relationship.

Kiko Rivera in Seville/Gtres after the last TV interview

However, the highlight of his arrival in Seville was the feedback that Kiko received from the parties after speaking the truth. When the reporter asked him if he had received any phone calls from his sister or cousin after he appeared on TV, the singer left an evasive answer with a loud “no”. A simple word clearly shows that Kiko has not received any response from her cousin or her sister. Determined to continue the psychological treatment of his complicated status quo, Kiko once again affected the image of his wife Irene Rosales. In good times, especially in adversity, she has always been a steadfast supporter. This is not the case with his sister and her boyfriend. Kiko thinks Asraf should shut up, After hearing Isa’s fiancé’s comments about questioning the authenticity of Kiko’s story.

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