Kiko Rivera hits the table after questioning his paternity


Chico Rivera Once again become the protagonist in the media spotlight. The DJ has dominated the front page of controversy since his family clashed with his mother and sister.Now, while his relationship with Isa Pantoja is in jeopardy, Irene Rosales’ husband is seen getting involved in another family affair It doesn’t do him any good.

been questioned many times Paquiri Really Kiko Rivera’s father. So much so that he even started thinking about it not long ago. Precisely, when the issue seemed to have been forgotten, it was Francisco Javier, son of Dr. Carignanos, who sat in front of the TV and told his truth, Ask the DJ for a DNA test.

In an interview, the accused brother Chico Rivera He admitted that he had contacted the singer and agreed to undergo appropriate genetic testing. Now Anabel Pantoja’s cousin has completely denied it.Via his Instagram account, translate my little love shared a photo of Paquirri with emotional text In it he made it clear how much he missed him and how badly he was dealing with his father’s problems.

“Dad, I don’t know why they insist I’m not your son. I feel that way and always will be.”, has started writing in an attempt to address the rumors.Well, although in 2021, Kiko is serious about finding out if doctors love us It was his father who seemed to have changed his mind. “They forget that a person has feelings and the damage they can cause. I just wish the karma was there…”, the letter ended, but not before it became clear how much he missed the matador.

Kiko Rivera/Instagram

The new personal setback came when his relationship with Isa Pantoja was at its worst. While looking forward to a reconciliation between them, Aslav’s girlfriend’s patience seems to have come to an end.Just over a week ago, a Telecinco collaborator broke her silence Anna Rosa’s show She admitted that she was fed up with the attacks on herself and her mother by Tonadillera’s son. “I feel embarrassed, he’s a mean person, I don’t want him in my life at all”,Sentenced.But not everything is there, because Isa wants to stress that she has no intention of forgiving him: “My mother’s problems didn’t work for him, and now he has to sell he’s been nice to her instead of calling her.” When they asked me why not i forgivethey read his interview, today he repents, tomorrow he doesn’t, he prides and humiliates me on the subject of money.

Isa Pantoja in
Isa Pantoja in “Luxury”

To wrap up her speech, Anabel Pantoja’s cousin reinforced her convictions, clarifying that the relationship with her brother is currently invalid. “I’m afraid of how this person will end up, who doesn’t love anyone In a few years, I don’t know how it will end with all the fallout.”


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