Kiko Rivera broke his promise and stepped onto the TV


Over a year ago Chico rivera Will not stop monopolizing numerous headlines from different media. The estrangement from the mother triggered a huge family war, although after 12 months, the water seemed to be back to normal and the mother and child had reconciled.Leaving aside family issues DJ He has always been very generous with his remarks and decided to withdraw from the media spotlight and not accept any interviews for his mental health.However, this Thursday’s son Isabel Pantoya And his wife reappeared in the Galician chain, Irene Rosales.

The scene of the interview is Land Rober Tunai showBy TGV. This is a form of humor hosted by Roberto Vilar. This is the first time the marriage has reappeared after the recent controversy indicated that their relationship may be in crisis.However, far from talking about the home network they found themselves in, Kiko and Irene showed their most interesting side during their intervention, even though they also told them how to start love story.

The couple who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in early October also showed their more romantic side.Former collaborator Life He commented in laughter that when he met the singer, he was a little skeptical because “He likes them all”As far as he is concerned, Paquirri’s youngest son admitted that although it is difficult for him to conquer the mother of his two daughters, “Irene is the best thing that has happened in my life.” Kiko Rivera revealed that he was working from home with a friend one day when he showed him a photo of Irene Rosales because “she is the most beautiful girl in town” . “I am a year and a half behind her, she is very tough,” he said. Chico rivera With a smile.

Kiko Rivera’s new project

Kiko Rivera is immersed in music, this is his great passion. In fact, he has decided to give his social network a makeover, where he only shows-at least for now-his professional commitment.This artist just released his new work beat, Titled I need you. The subject is that his wife Irene Rosales is the protagonist of the video clip. «Thank you for sharing these moments with me. Thank you for participating in my work and dreams.Thank you for your look
I will not change you for anything or anyone. We can have everything and more together ❤️
Go see the video clip I need you, The real star is her, my wife @ irenerova24 »
, Isabel Pantoja’s son wrote an article on Instagram, expressing his pride in being able to collaborate with Rosales.

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