Kiko Rivera: Blocking the Internet on a large scale, vetoing “Save Me” and a new trial

Chico rivera He placed himself in a temporary roadblock, and his home has become a place to fight against all the critics from there. Few people have seen their reaction in recent days. Since the death of Doña Ana Martín Villegas, the family has become different. The musician severed his relationship with his cousin and put his relationship with his sister up in the air. But the most remarkable thing is to see how he reconciled with his mother when it seemed impossible, Exclusive strike And there is a partly incredible story.

A large part of society has not yet understood the 180-degree turn it made. From calling his mother “despicable and cunning” to forgiving her for the huge debt she owed her son. The turning of the wheel that caused Andalusians to be severely criticized on social networks. Something you don’t want to endure.

Kiko Rivera shines on social networks/Instagram

Isabel Pantoja’s son wrote a statement in the following form story Very strongly announced that he has blocked many fans and others who criticized him: «The blocked bust I gave to myself…Most of you have no… idea. Maybe it’s because it didn’t happen to them. I always tell the truth and how I feel at that moment. I do not regret it, but theory does not equal practice. Honestly, who doesn’t understand, I don’t care exactly the same. I have a clear conscience. I have been doing what I think I should do,” he complained.

The Sevillaans expressed his great anger: “I really want to record everything so that more than one person will stick their tongues into their ass… Although I have news to prove this, the most It’s good to leave it there…let everyone worry about their lives, since we all have problems »(…) I really tell you, anyone who comes to interrupt, insult, or whatever, I invite you to stop following me because they will be automatically blocked. I prefer to have a community where we all feel comfortable. I don’t rely on numbers, but on feelings».

This is not enough. A few minutes later, he posted a photo to express his philosophy and defend his work: “They criticize my freedom, but they don’t know that freedom is not without promises, but by choosing and promising the best things for them. Ability. Have a nice day. I’m still in Matalascañas preparing music for you».

Kiko vetoed her presence on
Kiko vetoed her presence on “Save Me”/Instagram

His other big mosquito has help me As a promoter. The dj didn’t like what Telecinco planned to do with his figure, and decided not to look for him again.

Kiko Rivera’s new problem

The criticism he received on social networks for cataracts added a new open front. Kico Rivera will have to face Ramon Calderon on November 10th. newspaper ABC He has talked with him to confirm that he will continue to file a lawsuit against Pakiri’s son. The origin is some comments made by Qizi on TV. He accused the lawyer of deceiving him with the inheritance left to his son with his right hand, calling him a “villain”.

Ramon Calderon
Ramón Calderón filed a civil lawsuit for damage to Kiko Rivera’s right to honor, and the lawsuit has been approved / Gtres

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