Kiko Rivera and the new painful health setback he is facing


Kiko Rivera has suffered a new health setback. This is how he has made it known himself through his Instagram account, where he has more than a million followers. During the morning of this December 12, the son of Isabel Pantoja has published a series of stories in which he has revealed your current state of health.

Kiko Rivera on Instagram / Instagram @riverakiko

In a first video, Irene Rosales’ husband shows how swollen his foot is and the process he does to reduce pain. He first puts it in a basin with ice water and then puts it in another with hot water. “I have plantar fasciitis. And it hurts a lot, ”said the singer.

Kiko Rivera on Instagram / Instagram @riverakiko
Kiko Rivera on Instagram / Instagram @riverakiko

“Well, they have already sent me the insoles, I already have them on and they are doing their job, but my fabric hurts. I am a walking penguin right now”, he began by saying. Later, he said about the boredom of being on the sofa all the time, since due to the ailment he cannot move easily.

It was last October when all the alarms went off when it became known that Kiko Rivera had suffered a stroke. Reason why she was admitted to a hospital in Seville. “This program has been able to confirm that Kiko Rivera suffered at dawn on Friday a serious health problem. He is admitted to the Virgen de Rocío Hospital in Seville. The next 24 hours are decisive. We will be very attentive to its evolution all weekend, ”said the space Party.

Fortunately, the DJ recovered and was released. “I want to thank everyone for taking an interest in my state of health. I’m already on the ground a little better but not recovered. I have received all your messages of affection and they have moved me a lot. I can’t be on my mobile, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said in a statement. “Thanks also to the nurses and medical team who have cared for me and made me feel at home. It has been a tremendous scare, the biggest scare in my life. I never thought I was going to have a stroke and I really thought I was not going to get out of it,” he added.

Kiko Rivera, devoted to his work

Despite these health-related scares, Kiko Rivera is most positive in the final stretch of this complicated 2022. He faces the new year with enthusiasm and new challenges and, above all, new music, as he himself has recounted. several times on their social networks.

Kiko Rivera after the stroke / Twitch
Kiko Rivera after the stroke / Twitch

However, the family framework in which he is with his mother seems to be on standby, since there is no news about whether there could be a possible reconciliation between mother and son.


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