Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja, on the battlefield on the anniversary of Paquirri’s death


It’s been 37 years since the fucking end of Francisco Rivera’s life, also known as Pakiri, In the Plaza de Pozoblanco in Córdoba (Andalusia).On what day Isabel Pantoya Become the widow of Spain Chico rivera He lost his father less than one year old. This Sunday, the unstoppable media war between mother and son in the past year was recorded again. For its part, tonadillera sent a bunch of white flowers to the cemetery in San Fernando, Cadiz, where the body of the bullfighter rested.

The tomb of the bullfighter Francisco Rivera (Paquirri)» in the San Fernando Cemetery in Seville. Archive images. /Gtres

Before Qizi and Isabel parted ways, the floral decoration was given in the name of the two, but it was like the first time it happened on the right-handed birthday-March 5th-this time, they did it again Respectively. It is foreseeable that it will happen again, which is why the husband Irene Rosales He also gave some flowers to his father in the name of himself and his three children. On the other hand, Teresa Rivera did not miss her date and sent a bunch of flowers, which read: “He loves you, your sister.”

Kiko Rivera, Isabel and Isa Pantoja in the file image.  /Gtres
Kiko Rivera, Isabel and Isa Pantoja in the file image. /Gtres

It seems that neither the artist nor the singer has any plans to solve the problem.In addition to this conflict, there is also Donana’s health. She is the mother of the translator of “Marinero de Luces”. She has been admitted to the hospital for a few days, although she has been discharged from the hospital and is resting in Cantora, as well as his children. We, Isabel and Augustine Pantoja, as already announced reason.

In this way, Interpreters From scar It has been made clear that in his environment, his mother has no place to stand. “For what you want, I am sorry to know it so late, but my eyes are blindfolded, I can’t see clearly, now I can see clearly, although my heart is hurt, I will do everything And strong is coming. I will always love your dad”, Kiko wrote.

In addition, the DJ shared a gentle photo of him with his father on his social network. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity to express how he made it clear that he felt “very lonely” in many situations. “Another year Dad. I miss you very much, I miss you very much…because, although my family consists of my wife and children…”, the artist explained. “I have been fighting with Dad, and will continue to do so. For you,” he added with some pain.

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