Kiko Rivera and his new and particular way of communicating with the media


It was on October 21 when Kiko Rivera suffered a stroke that immediately took him to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville. A hard setback for health which he faced with the company and unconditional support of his wife, Irene Rosales. After three days in the hospital, Isabel Pantoja’s son was discharged, so he was able to return home to continue recovering in absolute tranquility.

The doctors already warned him that he should take extreme precautions, taking care of himself both physically and mentally. In his attempt to follow the recommendations of the specialists to recover as soon as possible, the dj strictly complied with the guidelines that were set for him. Thus, decided to withdraw temporarily from public life, having resumed at present only his activity in social networks.

Since then, few details have been known about his evolution, because, although he has been seen going out to walk with his wife, Anabel Pantoja’s cousin has adopted a very discreet and reserved profile in his few appearances. A silence that he wanted to break this Monday, although in a very different way than expected.

It has been this November 28 when Kiko has gone for a medical check-up. She has done it in the company of Irene and without raising too many suspicions. However, upon his return from the consultation, The singer has been located entering the garage of his home. A moment in which the small group of reporters who crowded at the doors of his house wanted to take an interest in his current state.

Kiko Rivera is discharged after his stroke / Gtres

The interpreter of Crazy girl decided to answer a large part of the questions from the press in a somewhat peculiar way, because, Although he did not say a word at any time, he did respond through gestures from inside the vehicle, which was driven by the mother of her two young daughters. After waving to the journalists, she stated that she was returning from a medical appointment, raised the thumb of his right hand, thus confirming that, for the moment, everything is fine and he confessed, also through gestures, that little by little he is leading a normal life.

However, there was a topic that Kiko preferred not to comment on. Not wanting to get into controversy, the dj considered it appropriate not to reveal if he had contacted his cousin Anabel again after the death of his father, Bernardo Pantoja, who lost his life last Friday at the age of 69 after a long season doing versus delicate health problems and serious complications derived from the diabetes he suffered.

Kiko Rivera, arriving at the Bernardo Pantoja / Gtres funeral home
Kiko Rivera, arriving at the Bernardo Pantoja / Gtres funeral home

The last time Kiko had been seen was, precisely, last Friday at the Seville funeral home, where he went to say a last goodbye to what he himself affectionately called “tito”, and also to support his cousin Anabel in these delicate moments, although yes, without coinciding with her mother, Isabel Pantoja, since one of the recommendations that the doctors made to her after suffering the stroke, was to avoid those situations that could make him nervous. Apparently, reuniting with the tonadillera is one of them.


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