Kiko Rivera and Agustín Pantoja appointed in Madrid


Agustin Pantoja and Kico Rivera They have a date in Madrid this week. After the death of the former singer’s mother and DJ’s grandmother Ana Martín, after more than a year of total collapse, the uncle and nephew had a brief telephone conversation. Not only did they not talk to each other, but Kiko Rivera filed a complaint of misappropriation. The loss of the family united them For a moment, it opened the possibility of reconciliation.this The death of “yaya” After a year of serious conflict and breakdown, the family brought Isabel Pantoja’s son back to Cantora. This Monday, the two of them have a date in Madrid. Have they met?

Agustin kisses his nephew Kiko Rivera/Gtres

Kiko Rivera made it clear Alienation with Uncle Agustin Pantoja His speech on TV special Singer, a legacy of poisoning Now a year ago. The break with his mother was accompanied by the cross he made to his beloved uncle, which was a reference to his childhood and adolescence, and one of the people he trusted most.He holds the management power of his father’s estate, especially the management power of Cantora Farm, and Rivera said that the disappointment he suffered has reached such a level. Decided to take judicial actionHe made many notarization requests to his mother, but they were unsuccessful, but he did not hesitate to reprimand his uncle for embezzling public funds.

Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera
Kiko Rivera and her mother / Gtres

DJ found some data that aroused his suspicion. This is one of the most talked about family breakdowns in the media. Kiko Rivera, the son of Isabel Pantoja and Francisco Rivera Paquirri, he has defended the singer to death and showed himself as his proud eldest son, He challenged his mother in public He had a poor management of his father’s estate, which was ugly and blamed. With the advice of professionals, all the documents he collected contained allegedly non-compliant contracts, signatures that should not be stamped, and the title of the agreement that clearly harmed him based on his findings. Behind everything always appears a Pantoha name: Agustin. When the first signs surfaced a few months ago, Kiko couldn’t believe it. It has nothing to do with other powers granted to him. Why is the question jumping around in his mind? Thinking of his mother’s heartache, he decided to report him when he learned that Uncle Agustin had a lot to do with the matter and that no one explained to him. He always does what I ask. He trusted him and understood that all this was for his mother and for himself. However, he found some details that he would rather not know. Asking for a signature on the most untimely days, perhaps because he slept very little and did not understand what was in front of him; in order to help and “save” his mother and some very problematic contracts, the request could not be rejected. Qizi didn’t hesitate at the time, but now she doubts it. As he himself said in a magazine recently, the death of his grandmother, seeing his mother so sad and deteriorating, made him rethink everything Reading. His wish is to restore the relationship.

Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera / Gtres
Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera / Gtres

Currently, as far as I know, He did not withdraw his uncle’s complaint, Filed a lawsuit in Chiclana Court. Since September 30, Kiko Rivera has never seen her mother again, even though they speak occasionally. The intention of reconciliation is very noble, the best thing that can happen to mother and child; so is the uncle. This is the best for the family. Kiko only hopes that half of her Cantora can get rid of burdens and debts. However, the singer’s financial situation is poor. Their lack of mobility worries them, even though they continue to move forward. Here comes the problem. In addition to saving money every day, creditors line up at your door and don’t see income.arrive Loli Pozo’s legal claims, The 80-year-old Seville owes her 76,000 euros. She lent her savings. Isabel Pantoja finds out that she has at least two claims: a Seville businessman has sued She, another friend who lives in Madrid, in time Loan him an amount of more than 200,000 Euros. They intend to negotiate with the latter. I don’t know about this deal. This debt can be traced back to the time of Isabel and Julián Muñoz. Again, Agustin, the man who negotiated on his behalf. That was his appointment in Madrid. At the same time, Kiko is dealing with music issues and her latest video clip.

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