Kiko Matamoros casts doubts about her future in “Save Me”


Kiko matamoros He and his partner Marta López Álamo enjoyed a few days of vacation in South Africa. The collaborator rejoined “Salvame” after the holidays, but his return was somewhat bittersweet. A few hours ago, Matamoros posted a media screenshot on his Instagram account that provided news of his own death. Information that puzzles him, even though he prefers to accept it in a humorous way: “Unfortunately, I seem to have passed away and I didn’t even realize it. I will tell you about the afterlife,” he said personally The information reads. A post that caused various reactions from its followers.

But this is not the only message to be the protagonist during the day. If Kiko Matamoros admitted a few weeks ago that he was no longer a member of the commentator group for “Deluxe”, it now appears that he could go further. The collaborator wrote on his Twitter profile that he voluntarily left the weekend space, ending rumors about possible dismissal. He did not make it clear whether it was a temporary decision or a final decision.

Now, the collaborator has accepted an interview with “Lecturas” magazine. In the interview, he talked about his current views on the project and explained why he decided to leave the weekend space where he has been working for more than ten years. As confirmed, This is a step driven by the “lack of recognition” of the producers. “It’s against my will, but the decision is up to me. The first thing that must value your work is yourself. This is hardly a question of numbers, but a question of recognition. I am not in that sense I feel recognized,” he explained.

Kiko Matamoros and Marta López in a recent photo / Gtres

In the interview he conducted during his visit to South Africa, Kiko matamoros I have been very critical of the changes that are taking place in the program, and hinted that it may not be part of the format in the future: «I don’t see clearly the future of “Save me, I don’t know” and I don’t know where it will go”, he said .

Chico Matamoros/Gtres
The collaborator announced a few weeks ago that he would be leaving the “Deluxe Edition” and now doubts his future in everyday spaces / Gtres

A statement has a lot to do with the fact that there are many new faces in recent shows: “This is a wrong generational change because you are not good because you are young,” the collaborator explained. A statement that may be related to joining Miguel Frigenti, he has had some nervous moments with him in the plan.

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