Kiko Hernández, the definitive Mediaset cartridge before the return of ‘Survivors’


A new season is about to begin in all areas, and on television it was not going to be otherwise. This indicates that very soon a new edition of survivorswhile the producer of the reality The most extreme of Telecinco is already immersed in the search for future contestants who are willing to enter the adventure of Honduras at the same time that they give content to the audience.

Kiko Hernández in ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

It should be noted that in this format there is always a participant who stands out above the rest at first, especially due to his previous popularity. This was the case of Kiko matamoros a few months ago, who was crowned a star contestant before traveling to the Cayos Cochinos, although later the truth is that he was not one of the most predisposed characters when it came to carrying out the relevant tasks. Now, it is possible that his witness is caught by nothing more and nothing less than his partner Kiko Hernández, or so the latter has expressed it during the last broadcast of Save me: “I have just been officially offered to go to survivors 2023”, he recounted, thus creating the maximum expectation among all the collaborators present on the set, and among the spectators.

Kiko Hernández with a yellow jersey / Gtres
Kiko Hernández with a yellow jersey / Gtres

However, this information has not caught a few by surprise. And it is that, during the past summer, the former contestant of Big Brother He already hinted that he was willing to be part of the cast of contestants for survivors for the next edition. Something that did not seem to displease the producer in charge of carrying out the program in question at all: “The producer is very interested in you going to survivors. You would be the absolute preference”, revealed Laura Matamoros’s father, visibly moved to see that his partner might follow in his television footsteps very soon. For his part, Hernández did not hesitate to get up from his chair and make a promise that he may be about to keep: “Next year I’m going survivors”, he stated.

Kiko Hernández in 'Save me' / Telecinco
Kiko Hernández in ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

At the moment, it is not certain whether Kiko Hernández has accepted the challenge or not, so we will have to wait a few months to find out if the collaborator definitely wants to travel to Honduras to spend up to three months there with other celebrities, in a place idyllic and without much nutritional support. Still, it should be noted that the from Madrid You already know perfectly how a program of this caliber works, since you were one of the protagonists of the third edition of Big Brother, recorded in 2002, which launched him to absolute stardom. In it, the communicator was carried away to the point of forging a romance with Patricia Ledesma, always being located in the eye of the hurricane by some of her colleagues. Now, specifically almost two decades later, he will have the opportunity to show if that instinct to reality it is still part of your being.


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