Kiki Morient: Tell who is the blonde he’s seen recently

Chichi Morient Has begun to experience the “b” side of fame. A few days ago, someone saw Sara Carbonero’s new illusion being placed in the eyes of the hurricane, and there was a woman beside him who was not a reporter. The response to finding the identity of the blonde woman did not wait.In fact, in the televised debate, he reached The shadow of planned infidelityBut it is the artist himself who wants to use one of his recent events to clarify all controversies.

The flamenco singer arrived at the SGAE concert hall to play the guitar with Pepe Habichuela. Sara Carbonero’s boyfriend greeted the camera and showed his best smile before starting the sound check. He was very happy to come to such an important place, and satisfactorily posed for a few minutes, and then left the iconic building in Madrid, where Morente showed his art.

Sara Carbonero’s partner Kiki Morente at the event / Gtres

It is impossible for him not to ask him about the controversial images accompanied by this blonde woman.And Kiki Morente was surprised to admit that it was Vicki MatosShe is a mutual friend of her and Sara Carbonero, and she is even the person who introduced them, like the matchmaker for the couple.Kiki likes her very much and calls her “Midwives”. Strangely, the name they used between the communicator and her best friend Isabel Jiménez.

Therefore, because these photos were taken on the night they were taken, they caused an important controversy. Kiki and Sara share events, The annual men’s awards ceremony, presented by Esquire magazine.

Kiki Morente and Sara Carbonero / Gtres

After his performance in SGAE, the artist was interviewed and talked about various topics. On the one hand, he promised “to perform with Pepe Hapicula in this temple and remember what our culture and music are”, how happy he is. His father Enrique Morente (Enrique Morente) was his key figure, and he was very present on this day in Flamenco. «As a good reference and a good worker, he devoted his life to singing and flamenco. We remember him more than ever before. In addition, as a father, he promised that “he is a model, he is a great man.”

Kiki Morente, performing for SGAE / Gtres

Sara Carbonero’s partner also talked about how they will celebrate Christmas: there is a lot of atmosphere and art at home. “He was full of joy like in all the houses and ate a lot of ice cream.” In addition, next Tuesday will be held in Badajoz A concert to pay tribute to my father She will visit her career there with her sisters. Will Sara Carbonero be with him? He doesn’t want to talk about his relationship with Iker Casillas’ ex-wife, but he does want to tell how he managed to separate his professional and personal life: «I try to invest in my work and put everything in On one side that has nothing to do with it. With that. I can tell you about me, about my album».

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