Kherson embraces his liberators, Zelensky warns: “2,000 unexploded mines and tripwires”


Jason cried, but he was happy.Ukrainian troops are already celebrating on the streets of the capital surrender of the city After occupying more than half of its total population. Apparently, those who resisted the “forced evictions” imposed by Moscow took to the streets to pay homage to what they consider to be their savior.

From children to grandparents, like a vacation without war, Residents of Kherson cheer for soldiers in Kyiv. The national anthem was played on Central Street, and all the masts of the city were already waving yellow and blue. However, despite his surprise, the city’s mayor warned: “The humanitarian situation is critical and the city is short of water, medicine and bread.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the same after seeing the jubilant photos yesterday afternoon. Although he considers the liberation of the city a “historical fact,” the Ukrainian supreme leader used his remarks to the media to denounce the dangers that still exist in some spaces:”2,000 mines, tripwires and unexploded ordnance remain”. Dismantling elements of this type in areas where civilians pass through after the fighting is one of the main tasks of local Ukrainian experts, who ask the population to exercise caution until they can verify that the enclave is safe.

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Kyiv fears that the city is completely riddled with mines, the explosives not only in the streets, but also hidden in buildings and even in the city’s own pipes. its detection and subsequent deactivationgiven the technology used to make them, become increasingly complex.

Zelensky, like the city councillor, condemned what he saw as the “humiliation” the pro-Russian authorities had been seeking after taking control of the city. “Before fleeing Kherson, the occupants destroyed all vital infrastructure: communications, water, heating, electricity, and everywhere they had the same goal: to humiliate people as much as possible. But trust me, we will restore everything,” He says.

Mikolaf’s missile rain

After threatening a street fight that never happened, Kherson left Russia. This hasty escape, however, did not stop Russian troops from continuing to hit the Ukrainian defenders closest to the city they had surrendered. NikolayevLocated just 100 kilometers from the center of Kherson, it woke up on Friday in a burst of projectiles that killed six Ukrainian civilians.

Despite handing over the city, Moscow knows the importance of keeping one of the most important lines of defense on the front lines of the current conflict sealed.Jashin is the way to CrimeaIt was annexed by Putin in 2014, and every inch of land Kyiv regained in the region further complicates the management of supply lines to the peninsula vital to Russia.

There is also an important Russian garrison in Crimea, of which the Black Sea Fleet is particularly prominent. With the arrival of Western weapons, it stands to reason that when the time comes, Ukraine can reach Russian targets on the peninsula within a certain distance.

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Another important factor in trying to delay the Kyiv advance is Dnieper. This splits the city of Kherson in two, and while the Russians control only one of the banks, if Moscow loses its only foothold in the Ukrainian waterway May actually cut off most of Russia’s supply lines. Ultimately, this situation will allow it to more easily start advancing in other occupied areas of the southern front, such as ZaporozhyePutin’s army still controls the nuclear power plant located in the enclave.

return, Russia Needs Dnieper Irrigation Canal It is necessary to supply the civilian population while maintaining the normal functioning of its infrastructure. In 2014, after Moscow occupied Crimea, Kyiv blocked the water supply along the route. After Russia occupied Kherson and Zaporozhye this winter, the first decision he made was to reopen the irrigation line.

“The West Bank is important for both parties: for Russia, ensuring the firm defense of the Zaporozhye leadership is important, for Ukraine, it is important to liberate the region and cut these three important arteries: to the Crimea Asia’s land corridor, Crimea’s water supply and regain control of the nuclear power plant,” military analyst Olekhzhdanov told the news agency Reuters.

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