Khasbulla Magomedov signed a five-year contract with the UFC after meeting with Dana White


Yesever media reported that social media sensation Hasbullah subscribed to five-year contract with the UFC.

Hasbullah19 known as “Mini Khabib” went viral with his video content, sticker and memes, and now he’s following in Khabib’s footsteps by having role in UFC.

Will Hasbullah become an MMA fighter?

nope, Hasbullah will not fight in the octagon. No, he will be part of the UFC.

According to UFC insider Igor Lazorin, Hasbullah signed a five-year contract with the UFC. I will attend tournaments and conduct media activity as part of his role in the organization.

“Hasbullah has signed a five-year contract with the UFC! So far, the plans are to visit tournaments, media activity, ”Lazorin said on Instagram.

“We won’t talk about the amounts in detail, but there they are such that many fighters don’t get that much. Hasbullah signed a 5-year contract with the UFC! There are no fights yet, but…”

Dana White on Hasbullah

UFC boss Dana White met Hasbullah in UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi in October last year.

White is a fan HasbullahHowever, he is aware of the popularity of the Russian young man in social networks.

“So, I’m going to tell you something. So the video where he was saying “Dana White I’m going to Abu Dhabi and the UFC” so when I posted this with me on the plane saying “I’m going this is the biggest post I’ve ever published”, Dana White mentioned.

“I have 6.7 million followers on Instagram, 6.4 million people have watched this video. Is it fucking crazy?”

White knows that Hasbullah will not fight during his first role in the UFC. Nevertheless, the head of the UFC will look for an opportunity to arrange a fight.

“I love this child. Is there a probability greater than zero percent? Yes,” White said when asked by the media if Hasbullah would be able to fight.


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