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Although the deadlock between civilians and soldiers who seized power in Sudan continues, Tuti Island in central Khartoum promised to continue to resist the military coup. Surrounded by the Nile River, the region provides most of the fruits and vegetables consumed in the capital. During the Omar el-Bechir regime, the region has resisted the greedy ambitions of real estate developers.

In Khartoum, Tuti Island and these farmlands are located at the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile Rivers. The economic crisis in Sudan also affects farmers. To defend its coup, the army accused the government of Abdullah Hamdok as the root cause of all the crimes of the Sudanese people.But according to Ali, “the military regime cannot succeed in Sudan. The Sudanese people are a resistance nation. Abdallah Hamdok has no time to reform, nor do we have time to judge him based on his results. “

“The current situation is very difficult,” the farm worker concluded. “The Sudanese people will demonstrate. Let me demonstrate.”

According to local residents, in Tuti, we are used to fighting. Under the leadership of Omar El-Bechir, they prevented power from seizing land to build luxury hotels, but today, a pessimistic mood has won the attention of some people.

Political activist Abderrahmane explained: “If a new agreement is reached between civilians and soldiers, it will be more fragile than the previous agreement”. “Because civilians will lose their confidence in the streets, the army has lost it. This alliance between civilians and soldiers is negative. They forget the people.”

Naama is a civic activist who is very involved in the protest movement: she believes that civilians have the ability to control their own destiny. “We will not stop taking to the streets,” she insisted. “We will not stop the protests. The last revolution gave people hope. We wiped out the greatest dictator in four months.”

Click on the player above to watch this report produced by our envoys Karim Yahiaoui, Abdallah Malkawi and Tahar Hani in Khartoum.


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