Keys to cloning Pilar Rubio’s new hair


New year new life. This is what Pilar Rubio probably thought before he welcomed 2022 undergoes a surprising change of see. The wife of Sergio Ramos He used his social networks to show the latest touch-up to which he had exposed his hair, specifically some vanilla-colored highlights that have proven to be a success for its 7 million followers.

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With a very entertaining publication, the coworker He said it was now that his last name made more sense than ever: “Now I’m going to match my last name”. But how has he achieved the color with which he has caused so much rage? To always stick to their values ​​of having strong and shiny hair, Torrejón’s has dared to combine shades of chocolate, honey and toasted cream to give rise to what is best known as dark vanilla. A choice with which she has managed to give rise to a new image where she mixes blonde shades and helps to soften her features and intensify her beautiful appearance.

It has been the artistic director of Cotril Spain, Mario Anes, who wanted to explain in more detail how we get our hair to mix this perfect cocktail of colors so that the result is as similar to what Pilar Rubio himself wears today as possible. : “To begin with, it has a base of chocolate or roasted coffee at the roots and some interiors, including never the part. Then it fades to honey tones and finally, at the ends, it chooses a very natural beige.”, has explained. However, it is almost impossible to achieve one hair healthy, strong and light if we continuously expose it to external factors such as dyes. This is why it is important to get some quality products to keep it safe, such as the following:

Color Care Mask / Cotril

  • Paint care oil. This dry oil is ideal for colored hair or hair that has undergone some other change. Its secret is to create a network around the hair that holds the color pigment in and protects the hair from external substances and UVA and UVB rays. Given its fantastic restorative properties, the price is currently € 36.70.
    Color Care Oil / Cotril

    Color Care Oil / Cotril

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