Kevin McCarthy says he will remove Ilhan Omar from foreign affairs committee for her anti-Semitism


We’ll see if McCarthy moves on. Don’t be surprised if they come to an agreement and he backs off.

Evin McCa

“Kevin McCarthy to Remove Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee for Anti-Semitism,” by Ari Hoffman, The Post Millennial, Nov. 19, 2022:

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Saturday that when he becomes House speaker in January, he plans to remove “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar, (D-MN), from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. the Chamber due to his “anti-Semitic” comments.

When Republicans win a majority in the House next year, McCarthy is likely to become the next speaker, pending a vote on the role on January 1. 3.

Speaking at the 2022 Republican Jewish Coalition leadership meeting in Las Vegas, McCarthy promised the audience: “We see anti-Semitism grow, not just on our campuses, but we’ve seen it grow in the halls of Congress. I promised you last year that as a speaker I will no longer be in Foreign Affairs, and I will keep that promise.”

The room erupted in applause in response.

Since being elected to Congress in 2018, Omar has a history of making many comments against Jews and Israel and using anti-Semitic tropes. After being elected to Congress, she introduced a House resolution comparing the boycott of the Jewish state of Israel to the boycott of the Nazis.

In February 2021, 1,500 rabbis called Congress annul the appointment of Dip. Ilhan Omar, (D-MN), to the position of vice chair of the House foreign affairs subcommittee based on her past anti-Semitic statements and behavior.

Omar has a long history of using anti-Semitic statements and tropes, as well as promoting conspiracy theories about Jews. In a now-deleted tweet, Omar wrote: “Israel has mesmerized the world, may Allah wake up the people and help them see Israel’s evil deeds. #Gaza#Palestine#Israel”

In another now-deleted tweet, Omar said Jews were buying political support by tweeting: “It’s all about baby Benjamins.”

According to The Daily Wire, In an interview, Omar suggests: “Israel should not be allowed to exist as a Jewish state, Israel is not a democracy, and he compared Israel to Iran, which is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.”

Omar also embraced the anti-Semitic leaders of the Women’s March, which included Linda Sarsour….


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