Kerubina puts down Letizia’s headdress that swept Stockholm


Not often seen Queen Letizia Wear headwear, because this type of accessory is not used in our country.However, beyond our borders, hats, headbands and other accessories become Mandatory supplement for each agreementTherefore, Doña Letizia followed the rules. On her first day in Stockholm, she wore a colorful original headband from Cherubina, a Seville company. A brand that is no stranger to the queen’s dressing room.

Letizia wears Kerubina/Getreis headdress

The wife of Felipe VI already trusted the brand on the day the king was awarded the Medal of Honor. Windsor Garter, And had worn the iconic red dress before. This time, she chose a headband and combined it with a warm red Carolina Herrera model.

Letizia and the King in Windsor, Kerubina/Gtres

The problematic addition is Giulia Headdress. A turban-style headband completely handmade in a traditional way. It is made of drawable abaca and decorated with contoured feather flowers. The original price was 140 euros, but it is now available for purchase on the company’s website, with a 20% discount on Black Friday at a price of 112 euros., A variety of colors, not just the one chosen by Dona Letizia: bougainvillea, black, coral and champagne. All of these perfectly add a different feel to the appearance of our guests.

They also shared a video of the brand on their Instagram profile, which explained all the details related to the process of making this piece.

This is not the only nod from the queen to Seville fashion. In her last scene in Scandinavia, Doña Letizia wore a lovely dress between Andalusian brand blue and aqua green, making She was taken aback. Alesia model.

Felipe VI’s wife combined with Prada pumps and Lidia Faro’s snake print bag, slightly wrapped design, draped waist, ladies cut, long sleeves and iconic shoulders.

Letizia and Silvia from Sweden in Stockholm / Gtres

Unlike other royal family members such as Maxima and Kate Middleton in the Netherlands, Mathilde of the Belgian Or any Nordic person, as far as Donna Letizia is concerned, the chance of seeing the queen wearing a headgear, hat or similar is very slim. In fact, we can even say that they are reduced to occasions where His Majesty has some kind of commitment with his European counterparts outside our borders. In this way, we will have to wait until the next time it happens, although it is clear that this time the bar has been set very high.

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