Kerosene price increased to N1,041.05 per liter in Oct 2022 -NBS


The National Statistical Office has said that the price of kerosene in the month of October rose to N1,041.05 per litre.

In a post titled Watching the National Household Kerosene Price (Oct 2022), NBS stated the following:

“The average retail price per liter of household kerosene (HHK) paid by consumers in October 2022 was N1,041.05, indicating an increase of 9.90% compared to N947.30 in September 2022. 2022. Year-over-year, the average retail price per liter of the product increased by 145.87% from N423.42 in October 2021.

In the state profile analysis, the highest average price per liter in October 2022 was recorded in Cross River at N1,304.17, followed by Enugu at N1,300.00 and Lagos at N1,294.44. On the other hand, the lowest price was registered by Borno with N783.33, followed by Rivers with N804.17 and Bayelsa with N805.67.

In addition, the analysis by zone showed that the Southeast registered the highest average retail price per liter of Domestic Kerosene with N1,191.14, followed by the Southwest with N1,142.60, while the Northeast registered the lowest with N905. 18

The average retail price per gallon of domestic kerosene paid by consumers in October 2022 was N3,516.87, which shows an increase of 8.67% compared to N3,236.27 in September 2022. In YoY terms, increased by 126.46% from N1,552.96 in October 2021.”




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