Kendall Jenner showed everything in her sunny photo (PHOTOS)


Kendall Jenner The iconic supermodel just snapped some nude tan photos right after splitting from NBA player Devin Booker.

Just a cap and nothing more

The 26-year-old man took a very revealing photo, wearing only an 818 Tequila baseball cap.

She enjoyed the sun

In the picture you can see that the bikini she was wearing was laid aside on the sun lounger next to her, she needed to stay hydrated so she also had a bottle of water and the picture was taken while she was using her phone.

It was an Instagram photo dump

The image was posted on her official Instagram page with an emoji caption. Also added to the post was a picture of her riding, driving a car into the sunset, a picture of many plants that could be the room she was in, and finally a picture of a plate of sushi that looked good.

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There were a lot of comments on the picture.

“Tell me you and your boyfriend broke up without telling me you and your boyfriend broke up,” the follower said, referring to the relationship she just ended with the Phoenix Suns player.

They decided to part

The celebrity couple broke up just last week after being in a relationship for two years and supposedly they broke up because they were just on different pages, an unnamed source spoke to Page Six and mentioned that “although they care about each other about a friend, Devin was not going to propose, and his priority is his career, ”the insider shared. “Kendall’s career also dominates her life.”


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