Kendall Jenner Appeared in a Lace Bra and Jeans During the Campaign


Kendall Jenner was recently spotted posing for the as*xy campaign. Just like her, many other models have posed for many campaigns and events. Sometimes it is about the profession, and sometimes it becomes a strategy for advancing one’s own business.

Whether it’s about posing in a trendy outfit or just wearing a casual look, it’s all about Hollywood celebrities.

Something similar to this happened recently while posing for the s*xy campaign with Kendall Jenner. The model was seen wearing gorgeous shorts while wearing a lace bra and tight jeans. The 27-year-old model decided to end her birthday with a gorgeous photo shoot.

The model took to Instagram on Wednesday to share some photos from her shoot, and her fans are obsessed with it. She looked beautiful as always in matching jeans with a top that showed a little skin.

The beauty was wearing loose waves carrying an effortless look. As for shoes, she was wearing leather heels.

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You Can Check Out Photos Of Kendall Jenner Wearing A Lace Bra And Jeans Here!

In one of the photos, Kendall Jenner was wearing a black lace bra and brown SILK top. She was also wearing jeans and she was almost unbuttoning the blouse.

The model showed these photos to her 264 million followers on Instagram. After coming to the fans, they immediately came to the comment section and called it perfection.

Some fans called her beautiful, while others called her a diva. Among the fans, her sister Kendall Jenner also appeared in the comment section by adding a flame emoji. Apart from her sister, many of her friends liked the photos.

This campaign photo shoot took place a week after Kendall Jenner broke up with boyfriend Devin Booker.

According to reports, the two ended their serious relationship in October after two long years together.

The reason for the breakup is the busy schedule and Booker is not serious about the future.

Devin Booker has decided to choose a career as an option compared to Kendall Jenner. That’s why both of them mutually ended the relationship, but they still have great respect and love for each other.

This isn’t the first time either of them have decided to break up, as it has already been. Their roller coaster relationship started in April 2020 after going on a road trip. In February 2021, their relationship became official on Instagram when a series of romantic photos were uploaded on Valentine’s Day.


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