Kempes doesn’t think Messi will stay at PSG for long


lit’s messi’s time Paris Saint Germain so far, not everything has gone smoothly: the Argentine has failed to lead the Parisians to glory in the Champions League, and the fans have turned their backs on him.

Mario Kempesthe Argentine football legend thinks his compatriot is unhappy and while he doesn’t think Barcelona will be so happy to have him back, he doesn’t see him staying at PSG for long if things continue as they are.

I don’t know if Barcelona will accept him with open arms., because he left in a way no one expected, and now he will return in a way no one expects. It’s difficult,” he told Super Deportivo Radio.

“If Messi gets tired at PSG, he will have to sort out his situation and see what he wants to do with his future.

PSG is not Barcelona. At Barcelona, ​​he was king. At PSG, he is not as happy as at Barcelona. He is still the king of the world, but the results are not visible, and this affects him, no matter how he smiles at any moment.

I don’t think Messi will last that long at PSG if things continue the way they are now.“.

Kempes is more worried about Messi’s mood ahead of the World Cup and expects nothing less than his best effort.

“I see Messi’s face and I see concern. Not only because of the PSG shirt. What worries me is how Messi thinks about what he can do with the Argentina national team.”

“Whether he wins or loses with PSG, whether he plays for Barcelona or Real Madrid, I don’t care at all.

“The only thing I want from Messi is to give 200 percent for the Argentina national team. I want him to arrive in the best shape both mentally and physically.”


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