Keiko Fujimori recognizes Pedro Castillo as President of Peru


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Former presidential candidate Fujimori Keiko Have realized this Monday Pedro Castillo As the President of Peru, after considering the announcement of an “illegal” president and postponing his appointment, he put forward more than a thousand challenges in which he condemned the so-called “fraud” without credible evidence.

“I admit that Mr. Pedro Castillo is the president of our country. I hope that he will listen to the feelings of the vast majority of people and get a good authorization in the next five years,” Fujimori declared in an interview with RPP. .

The former right-wing candidate, daughter and political heir of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) also pledged that as the leader of the opposition party Fuerza Popular with the largest share in Congress, Willing to meet CastilloHe became the President of Peru on July 28.

“I do not reject this possibility. Every time the President of the Republic asks me to speak, I always attend,” he said.

One month late

These statements by Fujimori were issued more than a month after the National Election Jury (JNE) announced that the Peruvian left-wing professor was elected president by supporting the voting results on June 6. Castillo won 50.12% of the valid votes and won by a narrow margin. . Only 44,263 votes ahead of Fujimori.

A few hours before Peru’s highest electoral body officially announced the results of the presidential election, that is, on July 19, the leader of Fuerza Popular expected her to accept these issues in a public statement, but she did not acknowledge the issues, “because this is a legal requirement and constitution”.

However, he pointed out that in his opinion, the announcement was “illegal.”Considering the “systematic fraud” in the election, the former candidate has been condemning it from the second day after the election, when she saw that her third consecutive defeat in the presidential election was irreversible.

In fact, due to the massive resources and legal challenges of Fujimori and his allies, the official announcement of the contest winner was delayed for nearly one and a half months and received support. Unstoppable.

All these claims were first rejected by the jury of special elections (JEE) and then passed on to JNE, which ultimately declared the appeal inadmissible.

Political activism

Although the legitimacy of the Peruvian presidential election has been recognized by the Organization of American States, the European Union and other countries and international organizations, In opposition circles, the narrative of the so-called “fraud” continues.

In recent weeks, citizens opposed to the Castillo government have called for demonstrations on the streets of Lima and other cities in the country to insist on the president’s vacancy and show that they refuse to accept the questioning cabinet ministers. They will participate in the next August 26th. Congress requested a vote of confidence.

In an interview with RPP, Fujimori admitted that he no longer participated in these recent citizen marches, despite He welcomes “political activism”, which he believes is the “fundamental” that the country is currently experiencing.

“Our citizens must be highly vigilant, especially because we see that they intend to maintain their aggressive plans (…). There are still many warnings that make us worry that they want to turn our country into Cuba or Venezuela,” The former candidate said.


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