Keep laughing at Vinicius

I amIt is possible that in these times when the heart real Madrid beats depending on the signing statement Kylian Mbappe appears on social media or not – with the stress it implies and the burden of frustration that a possible failure to sign can cause – there is no place for attachments for a new invasion, who knows if it will be final. Vinicius the Youngerarguably Real’s best player at the start of the LaLiga Santander season.

Everything is said about Vinicius, and not quite in a superlative degree. And the first thing that can be appreciated in the Brazilian striker is that, despite his youth – 21 years old – he was able to withstand such persecution. If patience is usually shown with the rest of the children – Pedri, Rodrigo, Joao Felix, Ansu Fati – what was used with Vinicius was a sledgehammer. For some – a red carpet, for him – a podium to the sharks.

And to make matters worse, there was a stream of unjustified contempt, an annoying stigma, an inquisitorial tone to condemn him, perhaps encouraged by his cost, a signature hype because he plays on real Madridcreated by expectations, its bouncing goals.

Ramn Navarro

Joaquin, who is very funny, laughed on the sidelines when he was warming up, because he knew that Vini runs a lot, but he was not going to score. Gerard Pique, who is also a very funny player, stepped aside in the last game at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium because Vini had no intention of scoring either.

In the spotlight during the funniest moments of public gatherings, the protagonist of exaggerated and ridiculous memes at a time when there is no more content for the general public than these memes, a Brazilian international more inspired and satisfied Carlo Anchelottibargaining over the unbearable. So much so that, perhaps, over time, what becomes grotesque will become his criticism.

Winnie, the player who continues to learn, has one thing to teach us: his endurance guide. With Ancelotti, a coach who does not fix obstacles, in the end shines precisely because he remains standing. There are a few more fearsome players in this league. His ability to evade and unbalance defenses is extraordinary. We will see several transfers at places like Vini at the Benito Villamarine stadium. If he scores a significant number of goals – he has three in three games – we can look at a world-class player. And the laughter ends …

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