Kate Middleton: Prince of Wales debuts


One week after the state funeral queen isabelle, the British royal family ended mourning and resumed normal activities. A new era for the royal family is approaching its first day, and the legacy of the all-record-breaking monarch is on full display in her immediate heirs, however, their focus is on the future.especially the new king charles According to various sources, he is already considering the first overhaul of an institution that, to many, seems outdated.

William and Catherine of Cambridge, during a visit

The Prince of Wales was the first to resume normal activities. William and Catherine have said goodbye to their past as Dukes of Cambridge and have unveiled their agenda as heirs to Charles of England As Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall.Two titles specifically related to marriage, especially the first, evoke memories of marriage Princess Diana. Catalina herself has paid tribute to her mother-in-law several times through clothing or accessories, and she is very grateful for the title, but emphasizes her desire to do things her own way.

The couple released their agenda on the first day after ending their mourning for a very special visit to Wales. On this day he finally put his mourning aside, but not entirely, for under that spectacular red coat he was wearing – signed by LK Bennett, by the way, and known as “Speen” Stuff!” – he wore a dark coloured suit for a special visit not only because of his first marriage to Wales as Prince of Wales, but because there, In the Anglesey area, the couple lived in the first few years after their wedding, One of the happiest stages of his life.

Catherine of Cambridge, during a visit
Catherine of Cambridge, during a visit

Now that they are both Princes of Wales and King Charles is planning major changes to the monarchy, Expect increased activity for both Catalina and GuillermoAfter all, they and their children are the great fortress and future of the institution, except that the monarch can count on the punctual support of other characters, as in the case of Princess Anne, or wessex, has undertaken a lot of work lately. However, they are all part of the previous structure and will gradually give way to a new generation as the Prince of Wales’ children grow up and are able to take on responsibilities.

Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Sussex
Catherine of Cambridge and the Sussex couple

The choice of Wales for the first visit was no accident, but a response to the royal family’s cautious strategy. In addition to the couple’s personal bond with Wales, we cannot forget that he holds the title of Prince of Wales, plus it is expected that in the near future King Charles’ eldest son will be so invested, as his father held a grand at Carnarvon Castle the same ceremony.


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