Kate Middleton dazzles with an exclusive jewel from the Princess of Wales


Long set for the Windsor. Almost three months after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Carlos III faces his first major state visit as host. The monarch and his family have feted the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, whose trip to the United Kingdom was already planned even before the death of the mother of Carlos III. A visit that, in this case, is especially important due to the special circumstances and which, in addition to marking the debut of the new monarch in this type of event, is also important for the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

King Carlos III with the President of South Africa.

The President of South Africa will be in the UK until Thursday and has been received by the core of the Royal Family with full honours. It has been King Charles and his wife, along with the princes of Wales who have been in charge of this reception, although this does not mean that other members of the family will not be at the gala dinner.

Beyond the more institutional issues and the Queen Consort, who has worn a vibrant blue design that greatly favored her, all eyes have been on Prince William’s wife. The daughter-in-law of Carlos de Inglaterra has opted for a model in a lady key, a coat dress from the firm Emily Wickstead in aubergine color. One of his most common style formulas. And it is that the princess of Wales does not usually innovate much in this area. She has combined it with Gianvitto Rossi high-heeled pumps, matching gloves, a Mulberry bag and a Jane Taylor pillbox headdress, very much in the style of Jackie Kennedy.

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales in London.

One of the things that has attracted the most attention have been the jewels for which the Princess has opted. Catherine has carried some pearl earrings that belonged to his mother-in-law, Lady Dithose of Collingwood.

However, the most interesting thing is the brooch that Kate Middleton has worn in the upper left part of her dress. It is a jewel with an important story behind it and that, without a doubt, represents a new tribute to the title that she now bears. It’s the Princess of Wales feather brooch. This piece was a wedding gift to Queen Alexandra in 1863 and has been passed down from generation to generation. Was the Queen mother the one who gave it to Diana for her commitment to Carlos. The previous Princess of Wales returned it after the divorce.

The Royal Family at the reception of the President of South Africa.

The mother of princes Enrique and Guillermo has worn it on several occasions, both in the form of a brooch and as a pendant, but it is a piece whose use is restricted to the wife of the prince of walesreason why Catherine has not been able to carry it until now, when the new king has given the title to her eldest son.

Now all that remains is to wait for tonight to see if the bets are fulfilled and the Princess continues to resort to her favorite tiara or if she surprises with a different piece, something that we could also expect beyond the diadem. The expectation is maximumnot only with regard to Kate Middleton, but also to Camila herself, although in her case the truth is that most experts agree that, for now, she will keep a low profile.


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