Kate Middleton and Guillermo, Celtics fans with a nod to Lady Di


Kate Middleton and William of England are already premiering their newly acquired title of princes of Wales abroad. They do it by making a trip to the United States. Their first stop has been Boston, where they have several open tasks ahead. Despite the fact that they have been in American territory for a few hours, they have already left the first details that all the press is beginning to comment on.

Princess Catherine, in Boston.

The first thing that must be highlighted is the emotional tribute that Princess Catherine wanted to pay Diana of Wales. One more. This time she went through her flower-shaped and sapphire hoop earrings that once belonged to her mother-in-law. In memory, there were a couple of notable occasions where he could be seen: at the 1996 Met Gala in New York City and during a visit to Canada in 1991.

It is very common for Kate Middleton to pay this kind of tribute to the figure of Diana. A few days ago she wore the tiara Cambridge Lover’s Knot , which the late Queen Elizabeth had lent to Lady Di for her wedding day. And she did not do it at any event but at her debut as princess of Wales to attend the honor dinner with which the Windsors entertained the president of South Africa and his wife.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton at an event in the City of London.

Notably Katherine She is only complying with the will of her husband’s mother, who in a letter she wrote in 1997, shortly before her death, expressed a firm wish: “I want you to allocate all my jewels to the part that my children will have, to that their wives, in due course, may have or use them.”

This pair of accessories captured absolutely all the attention during the disembarkation of the Princes of Wales from their British Airways flight at Boston’s Logan International Airport. William of England’s wife stood out once again for her elegance with a sober look signed by alexander mcqueenone of his fetish signatures.

The princes of Wales, watching a game of the NBA / Gtres
The Princes of Wales watching an NBA game.

One of the first plans Kate Middleton and William of England on North American soil has been to go to the front row to witness an NBA game, the one that faced the boston celtics against the Miami Heata high-profile duel that resulted in a 134-121 victory for the local team. Both were very smiling and vibrated with the emotion that basketball always leaves and more between these two great teams.

This trip abroad becomes the first of them after the death of Elizabeth II and Prince William is aware of its importance: «Catalina and I are delighted to be back in the United States. and we greatly appreciate the warm welcome to Boston from Governor Baker and the First Lady of Massachusetts,” said the son of Carlos III. Next Friday they will attend the Earthshot Awards, an appointment with sustainability to try to stop climate change.


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