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Miami (EFE).- Mexican actress Kate del Castillo is “very proud” of her debut as a producer in “Volver a caer”, a modern version of the novel “Anna Karenina”, by Leo Tolstoy, of which she is also the protagonist and in which his priority has been “quality”, according to what he tells EFE.

“It’s a classic and it can’t be wrong if it’s based on the ‘Anna Karenina’ book. We know it’s going to be an important story, to which we must add the production values, because in Spanish I haven’t seen anything like it,” said the lead actress of “La Reina del Sur,” a series that catapulted her to global fame in 2011, the day before it premiered on the ViX platform.

Actors Kate del Castillo (d) and Maxi Iglesias (i) speak during an interview at Univision Network Studios in Doral, Florida (USA). EFE/EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich

Del Castillo, 50, stars in ‘Volver a caer’ Anna Montes de Oca, an Olympic gold medalist diver and national heroine of Mexico who has an affair with a musician, a role played by Spaniard Maxi Iglesias, 31, who gave life to Víctor in the series “Valeria” (2020-2021), on the Netflix platform.

“For this reason, to have taken over my production company, I am very proud. I’m also happy because a well-balanced series came out and of a level that I think we’ve never seen before in Spanish, at least here in Latin America,” said Castillo, who started to stand out at only 19 years in the soap opera ” Muchachitas” (1991) of Televisa.

“Volver a caer”, directed by Hari Sama (“This Is Not Berlin”), and written by Almudena Ocaña and Aurora García Tortosa (“Elite”), is a six-part series.

The series is a contemporary version of the book “Anna Karenina”, a love story of great literary impact around the world, and is based on the 2015 adaptation by Endemol Shine Australia.

From the Queen of the South to the modern Anna Karenina

“I like the vulnerability of the character I play and the changes he goes through, something that I like to see as a viewer,” said the Mexican.

“The character I play is amazing. If she shines as a person, as a woman, as a professional, it ends, I’m not going to say how, although those who have read ‘Anna Karenina’ will know it, “said Del Castillo, who s has been distinguished in recent years for his performance in the film “Bad Boys for Life” (2020).

Regarding his co-star, Spaniard Maxi Iglesias, he pointed out that there comes a time in life when, with the reins of the project in hand, you surround yourself with people with whom you want to work.

Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias (i) speaks during an interview at Univision network studios, in Doral, Florida (US), 19 January 2023. EFE/EPA/Cristóbal Herrera-Ulashkevich
Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias (i) speaks during an interview at Univision Network Studios in Doral, Florida (USA). EFE/EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich

“That’s why I invited him to this project, because he’s my friend. I worked with him and I know what his acting discipline is”, he underlined, after assuring that he was not going to risk, in his first series as executive producer, “to do come from people who are not professionals”.

“We had very difficult scenes, very hard sexual scenes which, without the friendship between the two, would have been more complicated,” he said of a series with a cast that includes Rubén Zamora ( “Buscando a Frida”), Martín Altomaro (“Manual For Hunks”) and Edwarda Gurrola (“Miss 89”), among others.

“Volver a caer” was shot in a record time of around seven weeks in Mexico City.

Kate del Castillo and Maxi Iglesias, actors and friends

Iglesias, who took his first steps in his interpretation of “Physics or Chemistry” (2008-2011), told EFE that the series “is very real and brings a very important drama”.

“It makes you think all the time and at some point you feel reflected in the stories that the show drinks and leans on,” said the Madrid actor, who in 2015 played the character Chad Mendoza in the production. “Dueños del paraíso” from the Telemundo network.

Iglesias said he considers himself a disciple of Kate del Castillo, but clarified that in “Volver a caer” the Mexican did things “that I had never seen on screen playing Anna Montes de Oca”.

Participating in “Vuelver a caer” is “a very good opportunity”, since “it’s the first time that a friend wants to count on me in a personal project”, declared the actor.

“The fact that for the first time a friend and colleague invited me to her project, the first thing filled me with pride and the second thing is that I had to show more responsibility than in any what other work,” she said.

“In other projects they do a ‘casting’ and it works or not, but here there is a personal ‘casting’, that is, I’m not going to leave my friend alone in this” , said the Spaniard.

Regarding the level of production of “Volver a caer”, he pointed out that it is very high and has very tight times, therefore, he said, “the responsibility is there, in order not to disappoint a person whom you love and admire”.

ViX+ is a platform for the Spanish-speaking world owned by TelevisaUnivision.


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