KATAS NG KALAKAL! Cum Laude Grad Offers Success To PWD, Sire Of “Mangangalakal”


Student graduates Cum Laude thanks to father “mangangalakal”

KATAS NG KALAKAL! – A cum laude graduate offers his achievement to his PWD father who works as “mangangalakal”.

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“Poverty is not an obstacle to success.” It is an old proverb that one can achieve one’s goals in life regardless of whether one is poor, does not come from a wealthy family, or has low economic status.

Indeed, poverty did not prevent a certain Ross Leo Forbes Mercurio from fulfilling one of his goals in life, finishing his studies. Mercurio graduated cum laude from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Recently, he visited the social networking site, Facebook, where he shared his achievement. He offers his success to his father, who always supports him and works as “mangangalakal”.

In the first part of his post, he thanked his parents, especially his father, for doing everything possible to support his family. According to him, his father could put up with working until Sundays. There were times when his father got caught in the rain, but he said he never considered giving up.

Mercury praised his father for being a hard worker despite his age and disability. During his last 17 years of study, he witnessed all the hardships of his father. Here is Mercury’s FB post:

Meanwhile, her post has gone viral garnering hundreds of reactions, comments, and shares. He even appeared on news websites like Kami and Balita.

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