Katara, Doha’s kilometer mall


Doha hides great treasures and one of them is Katara. It’s the name of a kilometer long shopping center where you can find all kinds of things and have multiple experiences. From buying a wooden sailboat to sneaking into a live broadcast from the main news channel in Qatar. Since it wasn’t going to be less, we ended up going live. Taste the world cup they cross borders.

Qatar experienced its second day of rest this Thursday while waiting for the first day of the quarter-finals and the streets were teeming with people. For this reason, we went to one of the main centers of the city, the Katara mall. Because that’s not how we imagine it in Europe. In this spectacular mall, you can walk several miles in the open air… and each of them with your mouth open.

Because here nothing is missing. Even the famous have arrived food tracks with which every neighbor’s son satisfies his hunger in an open bar or waits in line waiting for the latest culinary novelty from David Munoz. Here, no hamburgers with the latest Indian sauce, but there are ice creams and other sweets that do not make anyone bitter. Needless to say, there are also spaces to watch football, cheer like one more bar brava with the Argentinian fans or watch cars over 100,000 euros as if you could buy them. Because here luxury prevails. Lots of luxury.


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