Kareem Abdul-Jabbar insists that Russia release Britney Griner


ORnot from NBAtop forwards and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar You expressed your opinion about Britney Griner Case.

The American claimed that the pressure Joe Bidenreceives the Russian government for the release of the athlete, which could harm her, and that Russia instead, it should be intimidating.

“Anyone who knows about my life knows that I am not ashamed to speak publicly about what I consider injustice,” he began on his blog.

“When we demand that our country negotiate the release of Griner right now, regardless of the price, this only strengthens Russia’s position in the negotiations.

“Imagine that you are negotiating with someone in a room, and outside the people you represent are shouting: “Give them whatever they want!”

“Everyone who supports Britney Griner has a heart in the right place. Good people, every single one. But heart alone is not enough to release her, and by publicly pressuring the US government, we may inadvertently delay her release.”


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