Kanye West’s Donda Sports aims to compete with Nike and Adidas among new brands


Kanye West makes no empty threats, he vowed to compete with two brands that ignored him and underestimated his creative mind. Nike was first and Kanye cut ties with them. After several very profitable years for Adidasthey also failed to make the rapper happy and he is not taking matters into his own hands through Donda Sports.

The brand, which was originally aimed at representing professional athletes, has taken a giant step towards competing with two sportswear giants. According to TMZ, Ye’s company, Mascotte Holdings, has filed for new trademarks for clothing items. This means Kanye is keeping his promise as he aims to start selling his own shirts, jackets, hats, shoes, fanny packs, suitcases, wallets, umbrellas and blankets among other accessories.

Kanye West also created Dove Sports.

In addition to these registered trademarks, Kanye West has also registered the “Dove Sports” trademark. According to a report from TMZ, the label will be specifically used for sports services such as training, competitions, tournaments, camps, workshops, field trips, and even traditional educational programs.

The rapper has been known to sign major professional athletes such as Antonio Brown and Aaron Donald of the NFL in recent months. Along with his first NBA player, Jaylen Brown. Donald himself told the media back in May about this new opportunity and how much it means to him.

Here’s what Donald had to say about Donda Sports: “It was an opportunity that presented itself to us, me and [my wife]and it made sense. Hearing the full range of what they were going to bring, the whole family vibe they got at Donda Sports. Not only me, but also my wife is out of it.

“It was an easy task for me. I think this is a hell of an opportunity to open many different doors and many different things outside of football that I want to be in, what I want to do, what my wife wants to do. So being a part of it and being one of the best first athletes to be part of it is pretty cool. We’re excited about this and we’ll see where it goes.”


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