Kabul Airport operates again: the first Iranian plane lands after the arrival of the Taliban


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Commercial flights between Iran and Afghanistan They have been restored after the Taliban took over Kabul a month ago and was cancelled due to unsuitable conditions at the Afghan capital’s airport.

an airplane Iranian Airlines Mahan Air According to the local Fars agency, it landed in Kabul on Wednesday with 19 Iranian diplomats and humanitarian supplies close to the Revolutionary Guards.

The first flight was operated by an airline Airbus 310, Leaving Mashad city in northeastern Iran, where 26 passengers will return.

The previous frequency of the route between Mashad and Kabul was Twice a week flights.

Join Pakistan and Qatar

Mahan Air is not the first airline to resume flights with Kabul.Pakistani Pakistan International Airlines Since the Taliban came to power, PIA flew to Afghanistan for the first time on September 13.

Qatari Qatar Airways Also did a few flights, Due to the small Gulf States Has become an important mediator between the Taliban and the international community And to help Kabul Airport prepare for the resumption of operations.

Iran’s relationship with the Taliban in the past was not going wellThose who attacked Shiites have adopted a pragmatic policy in recent years, presided over the talks between the Islamic movement and the Kabul government at that time.

After the Taliban seized power, the Persian authorities called for dialogue and the formation of an “inclusive government” and pointed out that future political recognition depends on this.

In addition, it is one of the few countries Russia, China and Pakistan Who put his Embassy in Kabul And has resumed trade with neighboring countries.

Islamic RepublicIt borders Afghanistan and is home to approximately 3.5 million Afghan citizens, including refugees and undocumented persons.

One month’s new regimen

One month later The Taliban conquered KabulAfghanistan is now facing a humanitarian crisis and uncertainty as to what course the new government will ultimately take, and the country’s face is undergoing a profound transformation.

Many things have changed, especially in the Afghan capital, because fundamentalist fighters seized power at the end of the fierce military operations and U.S. and NATO forces finally withdrew With Kabul Airport as the background.

since then, Several countries including Spain have started a campaign to rescue Afghan collaborators Pass through the aforementioned airport with their family.

Kabul in black and white

Black and white slogans praising the Taliban’s victory have now replaced the colorful murals dotted on the bulky concrete barriers of Kabul that have been used for years to limit the damage caused by the attack.

big Photo of the deposed President Ashraf Ghani, Now exiled to the United Arab Emirates, or from idols such as the late guerrillas Ahmed Shah Masood, As. .And be known The Lion of Panjshir, Has also been withdrawn, just like the flag of the Republican Party.

However, due to the outflow of large numbers of Afghans to other countries and the eventual departure of foreign troops, the city’s traffic is prone to large-scale congestion, and traffic is now smoother.

But one of the biggest changes is the clothing of the residents of Kabul. With the arrival of Islamic fundamentalists, they largely abandoned jeans and T-shirts in favor of more traditional clothing. Or, for women, cover more clothes.

“To be honest, I am afraid of the Taliban, so I no longer wear pants or shirts, and I still have a beard. We have to adjust,” he told Effie. Sher Khan, He is a security guard for a telecommunications company.

Music disappeared from Kabul

Afghan weddingThe large room that can accommodate hundreds of people was silenced for fear of Islamists.

Taliban When they came to ban music Ruled the country from 1996 to 2001In addition to keeping women at home based on strict interpretations of Islam, and forbidding them to work or go to school, this is something that has not happened publicly so far.

“There is no longer live music in the wedding hall, only small actors on the female side. Young people have no dance or happiness,” he told Effie. Qari Malik, manager of one of the rooms in Kabul.

The Afghan media also stopped broadcasting music programs.


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