Kaalan Walker, SuperFly actor guilty of raping 7 women, sentenced to 100 years in prison?


TThe worst news that could come for a rapper Caalan ‘KR’ Walker was confirmed after super fly actor was found guilty from rape of seven womenincluding three teenage girlswhom he met on social media.

Walker, 27, was found guilty on three counts. forced monkfishone account assault for the purpose of oral copulationtwo bills rape and two bills monkfish in a state of intoxication jury in Van Nuys, Calif., last Monday.

Three more charges against Walker on one count digital penetration and two bills forced monkfishhe was found not guilty after Assistant District Attorney Yasmine Fardgassemi assured jurors that “you’ll see his dark side,” City News Service and NBC Los Angeles reported.

According to a press release from the Los Angeles Police Department, Walker was first arrested in 2018 in Van Nuys when he was linked to a string of sexual assaults.

What did Caalan Walker do to get convicted?

Starting in 2013, Walker contacted women, including aspiring models, through social media such as Instagram and Twitter to promise them jobs and help them date celebrities, according to prosecutors.

After these initial contacts with the women, Walker allegedly left them alone after two years and then raped them.

According to actor Andrew Flier’s lawyer, Walker “proclaims his innocence … did not get a fair trial as many important issues were ruled out by the court” and “plans to appeal.”

Kaalan Walker’s film and television career

The rapper, who is due back in court in May to stand trial on aggravated charges related to the case, made his film debut in Film “Kings” before appearing in two episodes TV Drama Series “In Contempt” and being part of a 1970s remake Thriller “Superfly”.


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