Justin Trudeau’s anti-vaccine emergency meeting has locked down Ottawa and borders


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Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeauhas convened a crisis cabinet of several ministers and senior officials to address Anti-vaccine movement protests, This has sealed off the capital and the border with the United States.

Trudeau called the so-called meeting, the prime minister’s office said in a statement. Incident Response Teamcreated in 2018 to address national and international crises, discussed by ‘Illegal blockades that are happening’ in different parts of Canada.

The team assessed needs and ” Deploy all national federal resources” Help local authorities bring the situation “back under control”.

Trudeau’s call to crisis cabinet is a sign the severity of the crisis It began about two weeks ago, when downtown Ottawa was occupied by a group of truck drivers who opposed the vaccination of commercial drivers crossing the U.S. border.

Ottawa Lockdown

Since then, some 400 Trucks and hundreds of demonstrators blocked the streets around Canada’s parliament, with authorities unable to evict them.

In addition, for the fourth day in a row, Ambassador Bridge, Connecting Windsor (Canada) and Detroit (United States), still blocked Dozens of truck drivers on Thursday.

The bridge is the main land corridor between the two countries, with about $400 million worth of goods flowing through it every day.

Trudeau claimed on Twitter that in addition to calling the incident response team, he also spoke with the mayor of Windsor, Drew Dilkens, and promises to help end “Yes causing real harm to workers and economies on both sides of the border. “

At least two other border crossings in central and western Canada were also blocked by other groups of truckers and farmers.

Trudeau confirms his government Coordinating with the White House Resolve the crisis, who at the last minute notified the leaders of political groups with parliamentary representation.


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